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Action Lab’s Skyward is an all-ages, action-fantasy romp!


Action Lab, who you may already know from their title, Princeless, has a new all-ages title hitting shelves in July. Skyward follows the adventures of Quinn, a young boy living in a forest with his father, Corin and his mother, Taryn. Corin’s past catches up with the family, and Quinn may be forced to leave childhood behind sooner than he expected.


This first issue sets up a multitude of possible storylines: Who was Corin before he became a full-time family man? What adventures lay ahead for Quinn? Creator and artist Jeremy Dale gives us plenty of exposition in this first issue of Skyward, managing to entice us with the promise of good tales to come while keeping the buildup interesting and infused with action. Kids are going to enjoy the young hero and the familiar “leaving childhood behind” plot. Grownups will enjoy a good fantasy tale with what looks to be some interesting characters.

I love the art. Jeremy Dale is wearing writer and artist hats here, and it seems like his knowledge of the characters, as their author, gives him the insight to flesh them out exactly as his mind’s eye sees them. I love the expressive faces, the lushness of the forest setting, and the bright colors. I love the overall art – it’s simply really good comic art. It’s accessible. It’s a pleasure to look at.

Okay, now the confusing part. Skyward appears to take place in the familiar fantasy setting – woodsy, somewhat Middle Ages in dress and overall look and feel. So when I checked out Skyward’s Free Comic Book Day story, I was confused – it’s a tale that begins seemingly in a more modern setting, with new characters, who end up in more fantasy dress early on in the book. So, are these roleplayers? What’s their story, and how does Corin fit into this? I hope these questions get resolved as the book goes on, because Skyward is a book I’d like to add to my regular pull list, especially with a strong, positive young male hero for my 9 year-old to read about.

Take a look at some of Skyward #1 here:

     skyward2a  skyward2

And here’s some artwork from Skyward’s FCBD issue, which you can also download for free from the Action Lab website:

skyward fcbd_1  skyward fcbd_2  skyward fcbd_3

Skyward #1
Writer: Jeremy Dale
Artist: Jeremy Dale
Price: $3.99
UPC: 79947550680200111
On Sale: July, 2013
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment
Diamond Id: MAY130761

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