Action Lab's Herald Mini-series teams up the ORIGINAL Science Bros! ~ What'cha Reading?

Action Lab’s Herald Mini-series teams up the ORIGINAL Science Bros!


Amelia Earhart takes off on her trans-Atlantic flight and promptly disappears. You’ve read it in a hundred history books, and seen countless History Channel or SyFy stories about it. But do you know the REAL story?

Action Lab's Herald Mini-series teams up the ORIGINAL Science Bros!

As it turns out, Nikola Tesla was Earhart’s fiancée, and she stole a dangerous prototype engine for that flight. Tesla, desperate to find her, ultimately finds his way to Howard Lovecraft, who’s busy trying to learn the identity of Cthulhu’s Herald. Can this scientist and author/visionary team up and save the world without driving each other crazy?

lovecraft teslaI LOVE the idea of Lovecraft and Tesla teaming up to track down monsters. The book features an all-star cast of historical characters, which always makes for fun reading. Einstein, still a patent clerk? Houdini, a magician hiding a secret past that only Lovecraft seems to know about? Give me more!

The first issue of Herald isn’t out until Christmas Eve, but add this book to your pull list now, so you don’t miss out – the first printing is limited to 1,500 copies! Don’t want to wait until Christmas? Pick up a digital copy now, for only $1.99, on Comixology. And check out artist Tom Rogers’ site, where he posted some preview art from the first issue. While you’re at it, “Like” their Facebook page, too.

As a matter of fact, I may add two to my pull list – this could be a great way to introduce the tweens at my library to Tesla and Lovecraft (in addition to Howard Lovecraft and the Three Kingdoms, that is). Gotta get these kids reading right!

Writer: John Reilly
Artist: Tom Rogers, Dexter Weeks
Cover Artists: Tom Rogers, Colin Dyer
Publisher: Action Lab
Price: $3.99 (Print)/$1.99 (Digital)
On-Sale: December 24, 2014 (Print) / Available now (Digital)
Diamond ID: OCT140952

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