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Action Lab’s DrySpell – Super Noir for Mature Readers


Tom Ferris seems at first to be a normal guy. He and his girlfriend, Stacy, go to a company dinner where the discussion turns to Apollo, a popular superhero; Stacy – and her coworkers – learn that Tom’s not a big fan of Apollo; he thinks his “do gooder” persona is just a front. Hey, everyone has their opinions, right?

That night, a costumed super shows up in Tom’s room, and we see a very different side to Tom. Tom’s been suppressing his power with pills – pills that he’s ultimately going to give up, embracing his power again. But will he – and the other supers – use their power for good?


Dryspell has all the makings of a solid super noir tale – dubious allegiances and characters, a shady past, and a dame that someone will kill for. Tom, the super who appears to have tried to reform – go through a ‘dry spell’ – is hiding his past from his girlfriend, Stacy. He’s trying to go straight at the beginning of the book, but a visit from the past just sets him back to square one. When he goes back in, he’s back in, full force. And now he’s splitting his time between his super girl on the side and Stacy – let’s take bets on how that’s going to end for poor Stacy, shall we?

The coloring is washed out, dark – just like a noir tale. It sets the tone. There are shadows illustrating Tom’s inner conflict, and the washed out colors bring a sense of grittiness to the story.

I was surprised by how much I liked Dry Spell. The art isn’t my favorite, but the solid story will keep me coming back to see how this plays out. I give it a solid three out of five smoking guns. It’s in comic stores today, so check it out when you go pick your books up!

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Writer: Ken Krekeler
Artist: Ken Krekeler
Publisher: Action Lab
Price: $3.99
Diamond ID: MAY140973



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