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Action Lab Releases Collectibles!


It’s a logical progression, create comic, get following, release merch, profit! Well it sounds easy right? So many companies get it wrong, miss opportunities, totally underestimate their fan-base reaction.

Action Lab has waded into the collectible merchandise market starting with…

Action Lab Releases Collectibles!
Katie Cook’s GRONK is a wonderful (and popular) all ages book. Originally a web comic described by Katie as “an all ages comic about a monster who rejects monster society and finds herself trying to fit in in the human world”. It’s gone on to be published by Action Lab (to much critical success) earlier this year. Priced at just $11.99, the Gronk plush is sure to make fans of the series, or of cute characters, very happy.
But Action Lab isn’t banking on cute alone when jumping into the merchandise game they’re also releasing…
A definite mature readers title, Zombie Tramp has garnered quite a following. This 1/6th scale hand painted collectible statue stands at 12 inches tall. Creator Dan Mendoza, and Eye 5 Toys have brought the character’s signature cute but sexy style and even includes her copy of the Nercronomicon as it’s base. The standard version carries an SRP of $199.00 and the extremely limited signed edition (50 pieces worldwide!) retails for $299.
So what do you think? Are you temped by the cuddly cuteness of GRONK? Or are you looking for a sexy zombie to adorn your den? Either way Action Lab Entertainment has you covered!
Ask for them at you local shop or click over to for more info…

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