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Action Lab Unleashes Double Jumpers on Comixology!


That’s right all you digital divas! All you “I don’t go to the comic book store…. it’s full of comic book fans!” The second release to hit Comixology from Action Lab, the house of the award-winning series “Princeless”, is Double Jumpers a decidedly un-Princeless comic!

Double Jumpers is the story of a team of game programers who get sucked into their game with hilarious gender bending results! This should be a dream come true, a bunch of geeks are inhabiting the bodies of a legendary knight, a powerful sorcerer, a ruthless barbarian, and a dubiously sexy thief? Ah if it were only that simple. The game world is a dangerous place, especially when you can’t seem to find a way home! And if that’s not enough, the personalities displaced from the game? They’re running around Las Vegas in the bodies of the gamers!

I’ve reviewed this and other Action Lab titles before and I’ll just keep repeating myself. This stuff is really good! Go buy it! Here’s a preview from Double Jumpers #1



The first three issues are now available on comixology, click here!

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