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Chuck Suffel is the Owner/Editor-in-chief of Whatchareading.com. Which means he spends an inordinate amount of time working on pages like this one instead of reading great comics! He loves comics, movies, tv shows. When it comes to comics his first loves are independents and small publishers.

Feel free to drop him a note anytime at chuck@whatchareading.com

A note from Chuck: This site has been operating a little over three years (at the time of this writing) and I need to take a moment and say thank you. The people you see below are amazing, they live and breathe comics and take the time to share their insights and opinions here on the pages of What’cha Reading. They’re a great bunch of nerds.


Staff Writers:

Rosemary Kiladitis is a grad student in Library Science, a mom, and a proud nerdgirl. She’s devoted to her superheroes when it comes to comic books, but is always up for checking out something new. She blogs about books at http://roespot.blogspot.com, and be sure to check her out on 140 character ramblings on twitter @RoeSolo


Pin-Up-Deluxe-DollDivineNancy Joyce is a college bookstore manager in NYC. She’s been a geek girl for as long as she can remember, with a Dad who raised her on Star Trek and told her Night Stalker plot-lines as bedtime stories. She was hooked on comics from the day a friend handed her the Life Death issue of X-Men. She writes about the non-geek side of her life on her shared blog www.borderlinesavage.com.  You can tweet her at @bronxgrrl.


Julie sharkJulie Hegner has been descending the geek rabbit hole since she watched her first episode of Star Trek at age eight. A longtime fan of Trek, Who, X-Files, and the Whedonverse, it was only a matter of time until hanging out with other geek girls and repeatedly watching Tom Hiddleston led her to the awesomeness of comics. She takes a special joy in reading about ladies who kick ass, but in general anything with a good storyline floats her boat. You can tweet @julz91 on Twitter.


image courtesy of collider.comRobert Lazauskas: Trained by the Four-Color wizard, Hagan, in all things comic-booky, young Robert took to the streets of New York, dragging his large bespectacled head from comic shop to comic shop, absorbing, learning… knowing….
Until a very delayed pubescent spurt in his early thirties when the tumescent lump of comic knowledge burst forth, rupturing into nonsensical rants about Jack Kirby, superhero related tattoos, questionable cosplay activities, worshiping Jim Starlin as a prophet, and courting the young lady working in his local comic shop.
Now he is just mad…roaming the streets late at night while walking his dog, plotting and preparing to unleash more comic-booky goodness on an unsuspecting world.
He likes bread.
The food.
He thinks the band is crap.
*Hey wanna freak Bob out? Come follow him on twitter (), he’s totally new to it and suspects it may be black magic…* – Chuck the editor monkey




Osvaldo Padilla is a 25-year veteran of the mainstream media conspiracy. He’s a professional journalist who currently works as a managing editor at Florida Weekly where he does his part to obfuscate the Illuminati’s grand scheme. He has won several Florida Press Association awards for his coverage of health care reform, drug addiction and other serious matters. He also writes a comic book called Amanda and the Big Giant Eyeball. @waddyisosvaldo


BiscottiSteven Biscotti is an employee at Royal Collectibles (in Forest Hills NY) for the past year who has been a customer there since 1992 (yup 22 years!). An unabashed Superman fanboy he has amassed a collection encompassing every statue, action figure, and collectible released for “Man of Steel”, New 52 Superman, and the Bruce Timm produced “Superman: The Animated Series”. He also has a serious thing about Coldplay (ask him about the “C” tattoo) but we don’t discuss it. Steven is a gentleman, a rogue, and a scholar (not necessarily all at once, or even in that order, but I digress).


UntitledcapEdward Gambichler is a former rejected candidate of the Super Soldier program, he currently labors as a field tech in the telecommunications industry ( eavesdropping on other people’s phone calls, hoping one day to get caught up in an international assassination plot of Hitchcockian proportions…..one where he is wrongfully considered the prime suspect and which forces him to go on the run with Scarlett Johansson). However, while he’s waiting for all of this to pan out, he loves to write comic reviews for Whatchareading.com and movie reviews for Alternativemindz.com. He is also a self trained artist and dog whisperer…….but he screams at cats……..go figure.
*Twitter? Sure, follow him @efg72 he’s probably following you, right now…*
– Chuck the editor monkey


pic of me

Avery Mathews is a college student by day and a large-scale geek boy by night. Often watching the newest episode of various anime, reading a comic that he picked up earlier that day, or even just planning out his next convention excursion. He was born into a family of geeks, with memories of Doctor Who running in the background of his childhood. His first comic was Young Avengers, but his life has been completely devoted to anime and manga. When he’s not out scouting bookstores and websites for his next series, he ends up tweeting about his opinions. You can tweet to him @livingxparadox.

Juan Pineda is a Freelancer, Illustrator, Graphic Novelist, Bon Vivant, Artrepreneur, Artist, Writer, Raconteur, Geek, Fanboy, and Scoundrel. His interests tend towards whatever holds his attention for more than 23 seconds.
Keep up with his musings through twitter @JuanCPineda.


Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood is the owner/operator of alternativemindz.com a leading pop culture site. He’s a well-known expert/pundit on Transformers, He-Man , wrestling and all things Japanese as well as many other toys and tv shows. Check out his other articles there (and here!) and be sure to check him out on twitter @altmindz

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