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Abigail and The Snowman #2 – The MIBs Are Closing In!


Last month, we met Abigail and her invisible Yeti friend, Claude, in BOOM!’s Abigail & The Snowman (#1 of a 4-part series). Issue #2 hit stands last week, and it’s another must-buy for younger readers. Make sure to tuck an issue into your stack when you pick up your books this week!

Abigail and The Snowman #2 - The MIBs Are Closing In!

This time out, Abigail brings Claude to school with her, and ends up being just the thing Abigail needed – remember, other kids can see Claude with no problem, where adults need special glasses to see him. The kids flock to Abigail and Claude, who’s a hit with the class. The teacher has the feeling that something is up, but can’t confirm anything. When the men from the Ministry show up, though, she’s not dealing with any class interruptions, making her an unintentional hero!

This is such a great series. The characters are likable, the art is adorable and kid-friendly, and the storyline is fun and familiar to anyone who’s seen movies like Lilo and Stitch and, yes, Men in Black. It’s a great title for kids who are just starting to show interest in graphic novels and comic books – put this one on your list! Check out a preview of Issue #2, below.

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AbigailAndTheSnowman_002_PRESS-5 AbigailAndTheSnowman_002_PRESS-6 AbigailAndTheSnowman_002_PRESS-7

Writer & Artist: Roger Langridge
Publisher: BOOM! (Ka-BOOM!)
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: January 28, 2015
Diamond ID: NOV141121


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