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A Second Glance at Evil – DC’s Villains Month Week 4 Top 5



As we enter the 4th and final week of Villain’s month, the plots thicken, like blood congealing across the streets of Gotham. Not only is war brewing among the villains of Batman’s hometown, all around the world sides are being chosen, Villains must make a choice, join the Society and serve the Syndicate or be crushed beneath their heels….. a choice some villains find hard to accept.

I hope you guys enjoyed this month’s Villain event as much as I did, and it seems to me like they saved the best for last, check out my top 5 for this week and see if you agree!



Wonder Woman #23.2 First Born

w. Brian Azzarello
a. Aco


Azzarello does a nice job (as always) in using this month’s Villains event, to not only progress his ongoing Wonder Woman storyline, but also giving us the origin of her new archnemesis, and long-lost brother the First Born.
Ordered killed at birth by his father, Zeus, the First Born was instead left for dead in an African desert by the very witch who prophesied his eventual murder of Zeus. Azzarello fleshes out the character and motivation of the First Born, from his being raised by hyena, and in an odd twist of survival of the fittest, working his way up the food chain killing any animal that he saw as a threat, to conquering mankind and raising an army to challenge the gods, to his eventual banishment and imprisonment in the bowels of the earth. Aco’s art is a perfect complement to Cliff Chiang’s ongoing work on the title, which helped makes this Point issue flow so nicely with the current arc.

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Justice League of America #7.4 Black Adam

w. Geoff Johns & Sterling Gates
a. Edgar Salazar


Black Adam has not only been one of the coolest looking villains in the DC universe, but one of the most powerful. After a too quick death in the Shazam back ups in Justice League, we knew it was only a matter of time before Adam returned. A group of “terrorists” calling themselves the Sons of Adam, wish to resurrect Black Adam through an ancient spell to save their country of Kandaq from its current ruler who was installed by America , and has taken the name of Kandaq’s worst oppressor from the past.
The Sons of Adam are successful, but at a high cost. Black Adam is resurrected, and woe be to any who oppress the people of Kandaq, not only the puppet ruler Ibac, who gets what he deserves, Black Adam has answer for the Secret Society as well.. And they are not going to like it.


Green Lantern #23.4 Sinestro

w. Matt Kindt
a. Dale Eaglesham


I’ve been an enormous fan of the Green Lantern franchise since Rebirth, and one of my favorite aspects was the change in Sinestro. Gone was the pencil thin mustachoeod, big-headed vaudevillian goofy villain from years past. John’s and others have added so much more to his personality, in terms of him having honor and dignity in his youth, and a deep friendship with Abin Sur, and slow descent into power-driven madness after Abin’s death, and the death of his wife, Abin’s sister. Kindt ( who has been kicking @$$ all over the comic scene ) keeps that up, adding more to the character’s history, without just repeating stuff that we already know. Once again, Kindt has you sympathize with a villainous character in ways you can almost forgive them for the misdeeds…. Almost!
Eaglesham’s classic yet modern looking style shows why he should be one of the more sought after artists in the industry. Every page looks better than the last, giving depth to the characters emotions while providing an amazing backdrop for the story to play out on.


Batman #23.4 Bane

w. Peter Tomasi
a. Graham Nolan

When you take one of the best, most knowledgeable Batman writers ever, and team him up with the artist who created Bane in the first place, your pretty much guaranteed to get a great story!
Bane’s origin gets told, but in a unique way, through the eyes of a young Santa Priscan girl, who, like most natives of Bane’s homeland worship him as a hero. The parallels drawn between him and how a Gothamite might view Batman are surprisingly apt. It’s also a nice set up to the coming Arkham war by Tomasi and Eaton.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Justice League #23.4 Secret Society
w. Geoff Johns & Sterling Gates
a. Szymon Kudranski

I love everything Geoff Johns has done to the DCU, and this issue is no exception! With the reveal of the Outsider’s identity as the Earth 3 Alfred Pennyworth at the end of Trinity War, and his Secret Society villain team building in full effect as of Forever Evil #1, I was clamoring to know more about this rethought-for-the-New-52, Silver Age character concept.
Rendered here by the exceptionally talented Szymon Kudranski ( really I can’t go on more about how this dude is the perfect artist for any dark, moody, villainous story out there! ) all my questions are answered. From the twisted, psychologically unstable relationship he has with Thomas Wayne, the Owl Man( on this earth, it was Alfred who killed the Wayne’s ), to why he looks.. well he looks a little Jokery. His motivations are revealed, and proves he might be more dangerous than the Crime Syndicate themselves!

5 out 5 Space Monkeys

So that’s it folks! Villain’s month is over, but wait there’s more to come as the story of an earth without heroes continues in Forever Evil:


And bleeds out across the DCU in:

Forever Evil: Arkham War       Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion    Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S.

arkham-war       forever-evil-rogues-rebellion-1-mtv-geek    FOREVER_EVIL_A.R.G.U.S._2

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