A Second Glance at Evil – DC’s Villain’s Month Week 2 Top 5


Villain’s Month continues to blast away through the DCU,  thanks to the Crime Syndicate freeing as many super criminal as they can, sending a world without a Justice League into utter chaos. And just as last week’s Point issues showed us, the villains of the New 52 are much more villainous than we’ve seen them before.  so without further ado, here are my Top 5 picks for the second week……..



Green Lantern #23.2.  Mongul

w. Jim Starlin a. Howard Porter

It was great to see a character’s creator handle the character’s update a full 33 years later, and do a bang up job of it. ( Starlin created Mongul, along with Len Wein way back in 1980 in DC Comics Presents # 27 ).  Keeping inline with DCs streamlining of their characters with the New 52 reboot, Starlin strips him down back to the powerhouse, world conquering megalomaniac he once was.
There’s enough nods to the past with Black Mercies, WarWorld and a history with the Green Lantern Corps that he can seamlessly fit into pre-New 52 stories. Howard Porter is great at what he does: larger than life action sequences, dynamic panel arrangement and detailed rendering. And this is a guy that severed a thumb, damaged a nerve, and had to relearn to draw with his other hand. Well done Mr. Porter.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Detective Comics #23.2  Harley Quinn

w. Matt Kindt a. Neil Googe

The Joker’s favorite girl gets the origin treatment ala the magnificent Matt Kindt this issue.  He manages to capture all the elements of Harley Quinn that’s she’s known for, from her innocently evil expressions, her fun-loving carefree attitude, the sexy femme fatale she has recently become known for, right down  to the psychopathic tendencies that remind us that what little of Harleen Quinzel that’s left is not enough to reign in Harley Quinn ( I.e. don’t take any  free Game-Boys from her!!!! )
Neil Googe has always impressed me with his near-Manga style that is fluid in capturing the chaos that is Harley, maintaining a humorous look without looking silly. All in all a nice setup for future Harley stories, while maintaining a link to Suicide Squad.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys



Batman #23.2   The Riddler
w. Scott Snyder & Ray Fawkes a. Jeremy Haun

Not so much an origin story, but more of character study, Snyder and Co. show the ramifications of slighting the Riddler, in what at first seems to be a simple b. & e. at Wayne Enterprises, turns out to be a nice revenge plan for our Puzzling Plunderer. And let’s not forget Edward Nigma was once slighted by none other than Bruce Wayne himself ( check our recent issues of Batman, Snyder and Capullo’s Zero Year arc ). Depth is added both to the Riddler as a criminally insane Villain, as well as his riddles, which par for course with Villain’s month, are darker and scarier.

3 out of 5 Space Monkeys (would’ve been 4 if there were more origin to it)


Batman & Robin  #23.2 The Court of Owls
w. James Tynion IV a. Jorge Lucas

If you haven’t been following Tynion’s Talon, or haven’t read Snyder’s first two Batman arcs, your missing out on the single most important addition to the Batman Mythos since Bane.
The Court of Owls, Gotham’s own criminal version of the Freemasons, has been manipulating the social, financial and political climes of the city for hundreds of years.
In this smartly constructed tale, an elder Owl is telling key points in Gotham’s history where the Court played an integral role in manipulating events, to his progeny, as they descend into secret lair, preparing to fight the chaos that has descended upon Gotham. Jorge Lucas’ art is fantastically dark and moody, fitting both the Court and Gotham itself. I hope to see Lucas on future Bat-projects. The semi-cliffhanger of the tomb of the First Talon, is just a taste of Tynion’s storytelling skills.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Justice League #23.2. Lobo
w. Marguerite Bennet
a. Ben Oliver and Cliff Richards

Despite critic’s and fan’s displeasure at his redesign and the revelation that the Lobo we all know and love is a fraud, and this smarter, better dressed, but just as deadly (if not more so) Lobo is the real deal original Main Man, this story rocked. Bennett’s set-up of giving us a glimpse into the new Lobo’s personality and character traits shows us the differences the two characters have way before the reveal that the one we know is a fake. She put a lot of thought into this Lobo’s character and it works.
Personally I love how DC is edgy-ing up there heroes as well as villains, and laying waste to the goofy stuff from the past, and this one hits the nail on the head. Keep it up Bennet, that Batman annual was an excellent read, and even the whiners and moaners can’t deny this was a good story.

41/2 out 5 ( just for pissing off half the internet )

Justice-League-23-Trinity-War-Finale-Forever-Evil-Earth-3-Crime-Syndicate-DebutSee you next week,… if you survive!!!!!

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