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A Bob’s Burgers Comic Book – What a DYNAMITE idea



Nestled in the sweet spot between The Simpsons and Family Guy , is Bob’s Burgers, a hilarious animated show about a family owned diner in a Coney Island-like northeast town and the quirky, adventurous,working class family that owns and runs it, the Belchers.


It couldn’t have a better time-slot, where as the Simpsons is geared more for children and tweens, and Family Guy aims for more a more adult (used loosely here) audience, Bob’s Burgers is truly an all ages comedy. Its safe of enough for your child to watch on their own, but any parent will still be entertained (or in some cases, 30 something childless stoners)

I’m normally not a big fan of TV to Comic franchises. I loved Buffy, Angel, X Files, Battlestar and Doctor Who. but never read a single issue of the comics. So I wasn’t sure why I got excited when I saw this announcement, but I did.

geneMaybe its the comically stellar voice cast the show has that really brings home the funny. Such talent as H Jon Benjamin (Archer), as the titular Bob, John Roberts as his wife, Linda, Eugene Mints as their adorably chubby son Gene, Kristen Schaal as the marvelous maniacal daughter,Louise (a scene stealer in every episode) and Dan Mintz as the tortured adolescent, butt obsessed Tina.


Bob's_Burgers_promoMaybe because My name is Bob (as was my dad’s) and I had 2 polarizingly different sisters. Maybe because Linda , Bob’s wife and mother of his children sounds so startling like my own mother I wince whenever I hear her yell “Bohhhhbbby”.
For whatever reason I’m going to give this a whirl. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good laugh, and especially to anyone whose weekly trip to the their Local Comic Shop includes bringing their spawn. Slip them this while you’re perusing the new books shelf and give your self a break!

P.S. Okay Dynamite…. Archer’s next right?? right????? ( Please : )



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