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Review – 30 Days of Night #1 – Steve Niles (Writer) Sam Kieth (Art)


30 Days of Night #1  – Steve Niles (Writer) Sam Kieth (Art)

Everyone’s probably familiar with the film, the sun goes in Barrow Alaska and the vampires move in. The town will be dark for a month so cut them off from the world and feed! IDW press adapted it into a comic years ago and has done several mini series, some good some not so good. I enjoyed most of them so when they announced a monthly I was very excited to say the least.

Steve Niles does not disappoint, the writing is great! Granted it is only issue 1 but as usual his characterizations are strong, his exposition is thorough without being too lengthy and the setup is interesting. Sam Kieth’s art is wild, his style does take getting used to it can be kind of loose & cartoony but just like in his previous work (30 Days of Night: Night Again) his panels go from cartoonish (kind of an R. Crumb influence?) to very sharp and scary.

Two stories concurrently, Alice Blood a believer in vampires looking for proof and the old world and new world vampires trying to get along. It’s scary and violent and just a hell of a good time. I don’t know where Niles and Kieth are going to take us but it looks like it’s gonna be fun.

What did you think of 30 Days of Night?

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