3 New Books From Monkey Brain Wednesday, September 25th! Real West, Heart Breakers, & High Crimes! ~ What'cha Reading?

3 New Books From Monkey Brain Wednesday, September 25th! Real West, Heart Breakers, & High Crimes!


This week Monkey Brain has some great books coming out one of which is Real West written by a personal favorite of mine John Arcudi (B.P.R.D., Lobster Johnson, Sledgehammer 44)

Real West #1

Saddle up, pardners! Anthologist and Eisner-nominated cartoonist Chris Schweizer has assembled an all-star lineup of respected veteran creators and talented newcomers to produce a spectacular series of western stories. It’s time to head west. REAL WEST.

Real_West_01-2  Real_West_01-3

Real_West_01-4  Real_West_01-5

Real West #1
$.99 – Age 15+
Writer: John Arcudi
Art: A.C. Zamudio
The first issue of Real West starts with a bang with a brand new story from writer John Arcudi (B.P.R.D.) and artist A.C. Zamudio!
Direct link to purchase: http://cmxl.gy/157QBvS

Then we’ve got Heartbreakers #2, cloned warriors on the run. Looks like a good one!


Geneticist Therese Sorenson is on the run from her former employer, the Biovoc Corporation. With her bodyguards, the Heartbreakers–cloned from her own DNA and engineered for battle–Sorenson fights to protect her newest discovery.

Heartbreakers_Episode_02-2  Heartbreakers_Episode_02-3

Heartbreakers_Episode_02-4  Heartbreakers_Episode_02-5

Heartbreakers #2

$.99 – Age 15+
Writers: Anina Bennett, Paul Guinan
Art: Paul Guinan
Letterer: Willie Schubert
Direct link to purchase: http://cmxl.gy/157QBfw

High Crimes #5, I reviewed the first issue (High Crimes – Murder and Mayhem at 28,894 feet!) and really enjoyed it. I think it’s time to catch up on this series!


 Chased, shot at, beaten and bloody, Zan Jensen has hiked 40 miles across Nepal in a desperate bid to save her partner and claim a treasure worth dying for on the summit of Mount Everest. With her stash exhausted and her dream looming above her, Zan Jensen’s arrival at Base Camp will turn the launchpad of a lifelong dream into a bloody battleground.

High_Crimes_05-2  High_Crimes_05-3

High_Crimes_05-4  High_Crimes_05-5

High Crimes #5
$.99 – Age 17+
Writer: Christopher Sebela
Art: Ibrahim Moustafa
Direct link to purchase: http://cmxl.gy/157QArW

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