2015 Mezco Toy Fair Preview Part 2 Mortal Kombat and A Cartoon Icon! ~ What'cha Reading?

2015 Mezco Toy Fair Preview Part 2 Mortal Kombat and A Cartoon Icon!


2015 Mezco Toy Fair Preview Part 2 Mortal Kombat and A Cartoon Icon!

Continuing our coverage from yesterday’s 2015 Mezco Toy Fair preview, which was heavily focused on their ONE: 12 Collective line, today we move on to some of their other toy lines.  Mezco had an amazing lineup in store for guests and while figures from their Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy lines were present, new additions such as Mortal Kombat X and Bugs Bunny were revealed.

20150206_114611Mortal Kombat X, the latest fighting game in the series, is set for release on April 14 of this year. On top of a DC Comic book being published, fans and collectors can also look forward to an action figure line. The figures, expected to hit shelves sometime late spring/early summer, will include Subzero, Scorpion, Raiden, Kitana, Quan-chi, and Kotal Kahn.  On display were fan favorites Subzero, Scorpion, and Raiden.  Mezco will be releasing these characters in 6″ scale, 4″ scale, along with bobbleheads, plush toys, and their famous 2″ mini-mez-itz.

20150206_114707 20150206_114718 20150206_114723


The Mortal Kombat X line of figures look impressive and are amazingly detailed.  If you enjoy the game, you will definitely not want to miss out on Mezco’s figure line.  The detail, articulation, and accessories already make this one of the best line of figures to ever be produced for Mortal Kombat.

20150206_104554 20150206_114759 20150206_114805

Guests were very excited to see the 24″ Bug Bunny on display as Mezco just announced they had acquired the collectible license for the wascally wabbit a day before their Toy Fair preview.  While the 24″ Bugs was the only product on display, along with the only item planned, there has been talks regarding a line up for the Looney Tunes characters.  Time will tell, in this case, as further production will be based off of sales for giant figure.

Mezco Toys could not have been more welcoming and entertaining with their 2015 Toy Fair preview.  This looks like it will be a big year and it was g seeing reatwhat Mezco has in store for fans.  We are certain you’ll be pleased, as well.  Unfortunately for us, we have seen how great the figures from all of their lines look and now have to patiently wait until they hit store shelves.

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