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2015 Mezco Toy Fair Preview – ONE: 12 Collective


2015 Mezco Toy Fair Preview - ONE: 12 CollectiveToday was a day nearly 26 years in the making!  I attended my first Toy Fair Preview.  As a child and well into my young adulthood, I have always been excited for Toy Fair.  While others have salivated over comics and the various conventions that celebrate that particular form of entertainment, I have always had a massive interest in toys.  For as long as I can remember (at least until they were no longer published) I collected Wizard’s Toy Fair special and Tomart’s Action Figure guide.  Every February I’d head to Barnes & Noble to get my hands on my action figure bible.  Both magazines were essential in informing me of the toys (particularly movie based) that would be hitting shelves throughout the year and I’d immediately start saving my allowance to buy the characters, vehicles, and playsets I would fantasize about.  Finding a way into Toy Fair has been a lifelong dream and one that looked grim at best.  Unlike Comic-Con, entry into New York Toy Fair is not open to the public so it seemed as if I’d be destined to follow the events on websites like figures.com.  That was until I stumbled into journalism and began my work with What’cha Reading and the fabulous comic/collectible/toy store in Queens – Royal Collectibles.  That was it and I knew it – destiny was calling me and to quote one of my all time favorite characters, The Tick “Destiny’s powerful hand has made the bed of my future, and it’s up to me to lie in it.”  And so I did by politely RSVP’ing to Mezco Toys 2015 Toy Fair Preview.  On this Friday, February 6th, I was the first one to arrive at Mezco, but wasn’t the first to leave!

Mezco Toys is a great and hidden gem in Long Island City.  After taking an elevator up to their floor, you’re greeted by walking into a metal cage that they say is “to keep the werewolves out.”  That’s not even the best part, you’re surrounded by toys, toys, and more toys that chronicle the history of Mezco.  Perhaps the highlight for me was the Mr. Blonde action figure from their Reservoir Dogs line released years ago.

20150206_114449The 2015 Toy Fair Preview began promptly at 10:30 am and was far from the “comedy of errors” that they described last year’s preview as.  Due to an enormous snow storm with blizzard conditions, it was nearly impossible for members of the press to arrive at Mezco, but that was not meant to be this year!  A nice crowd developed and we were escorted into a much larger room with the grand unveiling of their line of collectibles including the recently announced One: 12 Collective Batman and Judge Dredd figures.  The One: 12 Collective is Mezco’s flagship series and “labor of love” for a toy company known for their love of toys.  We were told that every aspect of their new series has been micro-managed and it reflects in their figures.  “We’re trying to bring the aesthetic that many people are getting in 12″, the high-end aesthetic ‘the premium format’ into a smaller format.  We’re tooling up a handful of different base bodies and on those bodies we’ll be able to build different characters so we’ll have a larger body for someone like Superman, a medium build for someone like Green Arrow for instance, a thin body for The Flash and then we could even part swap within those bodies so we could build a range of different characters.  We have the entire DC line open to us, even various Hanna Barbara characters like Space Ghost.” said Pierre Kalenzaga.


Separately, and playing it close to the chest was the revelation that Mezco has received the preliminaries and concepts from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  There have not been any discussions on characters they’ll produce, but they do have the ability to create merchandise from the March 2016 film.  It is to be assumed that if the One: 12 Collective series is as big a hit as it would seem, Mezco will develop a line of figures based off of the widely anticipated Zack Snyder film.



While the One: 12 Collective lineup was the most impressive and is the most promising, Mezco had plenty of other products to offer as they previewed their Toy Fair 2015 lineup.  Along with continuations of their Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy lines, they will soon be adding Mortal Combat X, Beetlejuice, Bugs Bunny, Gigantor, and numerous additions to their existing line up of Living Dead Dolls.

20150206_111709 20150206_111321 20150206_111956 (2)

Before leaving, Mezco made available one of their Batman figures from the One: 12 Collective line.  It was terrific fun getting to open, play, and pose the incredible figures modeled after his look in the Frank Miller/ Klaus Janson classic “The Dark Knight Returns.”  What is most striking about Mezco’s One: 12 series is just how well they managed to pull off the “premium format” in a 6″ size.  Not only is the articulation within the body and joints fluid enough to pose Batman in several dynamic ways, but the body sculpt is incredible as it is hidden beneath an actual cloth outfit.  The musculature within the 6″ Batman is a selling point as this presentation of the Dark Knight is a real game changer.  The entry into the high end collector market is a smart move on Mezco as there aren’t any other figures that exist in a smaller scale format.  To have a 6″ scale figure with a cloth outfit and numerous points of articulation will surely be on every fan and collector’s wishlist.  And to know that Mezco possesses the rights to the DC Universe provides a greater opportunity to speculate on what will come next.


Like Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I’d like to thank Mezco Toys for inviting the press to take a look at all of their great products before the enormity of next week’s Toy Fair.  It was a massively fun and rewarding experience.  Please stay tuned for a look at more toys such as their 24″ Bugs Bunny and Mortal Combat X line soon.

*The ONE: 12 Collective Batman will include the following:

  • One- alternate head
  • One- pair of fists
  • One- pair of “holding” hands
  • One- pair of posing hands
  • One- pair of “Batarang” hands
  • One- interchangeable boot with pistol holster
  • One- pistol
  • One- sniper rifle
  • One- removable utility belt
  • One- removable leg utility belt
  • One- grappling hook with climbing rope
  • One- Bat-symbol display base
  • One- articulated figure stand for multiple dynamic figure poses
  • One- detachable cape-posing accessory clip for posing stand
  • SRP of $65

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