2014 - Zero Year for the Valiant Universe ~ What'cha Reading?

2014 – Zero Year for the Valiant Universe


Valiant, the originator of the Zero issue concept, is at it again. Starting in February, Valiant will be releasing a series of Zero issues, revealing origins and adding to the back history of their titles.

First up:

Archer & Armstrong: Archer #0


Now A&A already had a Zero issue, but the focus was totally on Archer’s immortal companion. We now know, the how’s, when’s and why’s of his life, but almost nothing about Archer.

All we know is that his, religious, secret society, adoptive parents, trained him as an assassin and they adopted him from what seems like a Project Rising Spirit lab out in Nevada.
He has demonstrated the ability to tap into the human group consciousness and use any skill he can use at the time, from various fighting styles, to lock picking and even purging his mind of an evil entity. If someone,somewhere can do it, so can Archer. Now were all set to learn, was this a natural ability, was this given to him, and what the hell happened to him growing up inside the Sect’s circle of evil.

Next up:

Bloodshot & H.A.R.D.Corps : H.A.R.D.Corps #0


Post Harbinger Wars, Bloodshot was rescued from Harada by his rivals at Project Rising Spirit. H.A.R.D. Corps is PRS’ crack team of commandos, each of whom had implants surgically installed in their brains that allow them to “down load” Harbinger like powers, one at time, Using Current technology   ( literally cell phone service ) as means of information transfer. But what was the tech like before they perfected it? Imagine the days when dropped calls were the norm, and we still had Dial-up?
Instead of losing the call from your mom, you lost your power of flight while your hundreds of feet off the ground? Or waiting to establish a connection with that old dial-up sound squawking in your ears, but instead of waiting for porn, your waiting for that shield power to protect you from the latest horrible onslaught you have to face? No wonder most of the vets are this team are near
Mental patients. Check out who, and how they survived, the both of H.A.R.D.Corps!

Then we have:

Quantum & Woody: The Goat #0


Look, no one can explain why the Goat (Vincent Van Goat, that is) is so damn cool. He just is. Here we will find the truth behind our hooved hero? Where did he come from? What does he do?
Why is Vincent Van Goat cooler than you and your friends? From the creative team that brought back the world’s worst superhero team, James Asmus and Tom Fowler, we get a glimpse into the origin of the worlds best four-legged sidekick (suck it Krypto!)

And finally we have:

Harbinger: The Bleeding Monk #0


For years The Bleeding Monk ( so-called because he bleeds from his eyes constantly but doesn’t die), who appears to be the worlds oldest Harbinger, was Harada’s councilor and mentor, which came in handy with his vast psychic powers and ability to see the future.
Now he’s gone, leaving a trail of blood and an angry Harada behind. After helping Peter Stanchek ( the massively powerful thorn in Harada’s side ) during the Harbinger wars
The Bleeding monk took off for parts unknown. Where is he now? That’s a good question. Where did he come from? That’s an even better one. Find out here, when Harbinger creators, Joshua Dysart and Khari Evans tell the tale of the Bleeding Monk, and his effect on the lives of Harada and Stanchek, and the Valiant universe in general.

Oh and then there’s Rai #0… Oh wait! There isn’t yet. There should be! And maybe someday soon…..  Okay enough! I’m done hinting. I WANT RAI !!!!!!!  ( please! )

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