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2014 WeLoveFine-What’cha Reading Holiday Shopping Guide!


We are a scant month from Christmas, and if you’re like me you’re simultaneously thinking “That is so far away, the Doctor Who Christmas special can’t come fast enough” and “That’s so soon, when am I going to get all of this holiday shopping done?” I could seriously do with a TARDIS right about now to resolve this dilemma. Fortunately, we at What’cha Reading are going to make this a little easier for you by scouting out fun holiday gifts for the geeks on your list as well as yourself. Come on, let’s be honest, you know you start out by going shopping for others and then throwing a few things in your shopping cart for yourself. It’s okay, I’m not going to judge, I’m right there with you!

This time out, we’re looking at some of the cool stuff WeLoveFine has to offer. If you’ve been to a Con before, particularly NYCC, you probably know WeLoveFine—they’re the ones who hand out the giant shopping bags (and I do mean giant) with various bits of geek culture emblazoned on the side. They sent us an exclusive list of their top Christmas items and I dove into that like a kid in a candy store. I’ve picked out some of my favorites that I think you’ll like as well.

fancified-star-wars-long-sleeve-button-up (1)Men’s Fancified Star Wars Button Up: If I could ever get my boyfriend to wear a shirt this busy, I would buy this in two seconds flat. I mean, this is a shirt that is begging for a double/triple/quadruple take. Perfect for the Star Wars fan or sartorial enthusiast in your circle.

2014 WeLoveFine-What'cha Reading Holiday Shopping Guide!

Deadpool Aloha Shirt: The guys in my life are sadly not into Deadpool (I know, I need new friends), but I adore this Hawaiian shirt on their behalf.

Speaking of Deadpool, I might need this for myself (do you see how quickly the self shopping slips in? Do you see???). I kind of want to wear it to holiday parties and see if anyone notices that it’s Wade.  I Am Deadpool Fit ‘n’ Flare Tulle Dress




I think these Bee and Puppycat chiffon shirts are adorbs and feel like I could get away with wearing them to the office (again, me, me, me. Pay attention, anyone shopping for me this holiday season.) My Favorite Eggplant Chiffon Top and Catbug Chiffon Top


I’m a little too body conscious to wear crazy leggings normally, but as a member of Loki’s Army I have to say that I’ve had my eye on these for a while, Loki Helmet Repeat Leggings. And I think they’d look super cute with this sweater/sweatshirt Loki Fair Isle Pullover Sweater.  Yeah, now I’m coordinating outfits. Stop me, I have a shopping problem. But I am going to look so cool this winter!

WOMENS_LBJ_Beware-Holy-Kitten_COFThis shirt makes me laugh really hard. Lumberjanes represent. Beware the Holy Kitten


I’m not sure if I’d want this for one of my kids or myself (decisions, decisions, decisions), but I like this jacket a lot. Show off your X-Men status with a Xavier Varsity Jacket with Pin.

I love Bee and Puppycat (see above!) and pint glasses are my favorite kind of glass (so versatile! so easy to liberate from bars!), so I’m digging this Catbug Brew Glass Everything is okay!


This is only a small sampling from what WeLoveFine has to offer, there are many more fun things over at welovefine.com. Ladies take special note of one of the WeLoveFine features I love best: the clothes often have pictures of actual humans wearing them along with a list of their measurements so you can actually predict what something will look like on you. This is a major thing for me. I know my measurements, but I want to know if something is going to fit tightly or loosely…sometimes you’re just not feeling one or the other. It’s especially dicey ordering online. WeLoveFine have come up with a creative and useful answer to this problem.

Happy shopping! We’ll be back soon with more shopping guides for you. Online shopping is my superpower and my curse…let me share it with you!

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