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2 Fans, 1 Comic – Convergence #0


Once again, my fellow whatchareading.com contributor, and die-hard Superman fan Steven Biscotti, and I came to near fisticuffs in front of the new comic rack at Royal Collectibles over who gets to review Convergence #0. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and lo and behold the latest 2 Fans, 1 Comic….. Convergence #0!


Bob: So Mr. Biscotti, with Superman being the key (if not only) player in Convergence #0, you must have been pretty happy with it?

Steven: I loved Convergence #0 and it really is such an important book for me and readers like me.  I started following comics on a weekly and monthly basis with The New 52.  That was my jumping on point so as I’ve read the stories (and just about every Superman comic in trade) New 52 Supes’ has been the one I call my own.  In absolutely every way, Convergence is essentially MY Crisis on Infinite Earths, MY Flashpoint.  This is the first time where an event of that size actually hold weight and meaning to me as I’ve invested my time and money into this universe.  For once, I’m concerned with the outcome.


It was great starting it with The New 52 Superman and it invested me in the Twilight Zone-ish/ Nolan-esque world that Brainiac has created.  I care about how Superman will get out of this one and get back to his world.  The stakes have never been higher.

Bob: Any particular part get you riled up for the Convergence event?


Steven: Being quite familiar with Superman’s history, I was especially excited by the various incarnations of Brainiac.  That was a terrific exclamation point that meant more to me as a fan than seeing the various Supermen in the beginning.  He’s so creepy, isn’t he?  And to make him this God-like being is so frightening!  Like what if this giant creature is really somewhere out there in the universe!?!  Or should I say multi-verse?


Bob: An achronal multiversal God-Braniac?!?…. Creepy isn’t the word!  Although Johns hinted at something similar in his pre New 52 Superman run, it wasn’t on this scale. Upping Braniac’s power level from collecting cities from one universe, to “bottling” them from doomed timelines was Genius! And every previous appearance of Braniac, anywhere anytime, has been an interpretation serving this one! Madness! But let’s get to the nitty-gritty…. which ones your favorite??


20d17cccb0ef5f75ddc5b8a79d30cc56Steven: “An achronal multiversal God-Brainiac” – could we just take a moment and think about that one?  I really wonder how exactly he was written in the script by Dan Jurgens and Jeff King.  However he was written, Ethan Van Sciver delivered probably the scariest and coolest alien, god, entity within the pages of DC Comics.  The first splash page of Issue #0 really delivers on the expansive and massive scope of this story.  This giant skull-ish, mechanical “God Machine” is the best Star Trek villain that the NCC-1701 never encountered!  He’s hands down my favorite Brainiac!  But it was cool seeing the Brainiac incarnation that so many of us recognize from the Bruce Timm animated series.

Which version did you like?  As a longtime fan of the DC Universe, do you feel Brainiac is the worthy villain to use as the catalyst and reason for “Convergence”?  He sure is an important character and way to go for making the DC numero uno villain a Superman one!
Bob: The best version of Braniac for me was the Geoff Johns/ Gary Frank muscle man one from right before Flashpoint. But secretly, I have a soft spot for the Ming- Merciless-Goatee wearing one from the 90s. I’m not ashamed! Panic in the Sky is one the best Superman stories of its era.

Braniac has been a favorite of mine since childhood, and to see him elevated to this stature, without negating his previous appearances is awesome. Braniac is now the link to all previous DC timelines! When naysayers complain that they don’t know what stories count, you can now say yes! They all count … Braniac was THERE !!!!

Van Sciver, despite my feelings about the man personally, is one hell of an artist. The detail and specifics of each and every Braniac was spot on and easily identified. The Prime Braniac looks better here than when he first showed up (sort of) in Future’s End. What an effective design, it evokes so many previous Braniac interpretations, but by far the most sinister one yet. The multi-Metropolis landscape and time shift scenes were Vertigo inducing! The man knows the DC universe!

But the writing team of King and Jurgens was exactly the blend you needed to pull an event like this off. You take the “Geoff Johns” of the pre New 52 and team him with a hotshot TV writer and its only going to work. Jurgens has the history, crafting the DC universe for over 20 years now, King’s the fresh take. Just makes sense.

What did you think of Telos? , it seems like he’s the one who sets the events in motion that lead to all the battles we see coming up in the next two months worth of DC books?


Steven: And that’s such an excellent point to bring up as people are so angry that the DC television series are being kept out of the film series universe.  It’s the multi-verse!!!  “Brainiac was THERE!!!!”  I love that so much as it honors everything as opposed to negating what has come before.  It’s a great way to excite and satisfy readers like you and me that have had different entry points into the DC Universe.

I think Telos is most certainly the one who sets the events in motion.  “Determine which shall return to the universe and which shall perish.”  Telos reminds me (yet again) of a Star Trek villain.  Q to be exact.  You know Superman or the Superman will eventually have a show down with Telos.  Just as Tony Daniel’s cover suggests all the Supermen together, do you think this time they’ll all team up?  Do you think they’ll even get the chance too?
I’m really excited to see where Jurgens and King take this story and I’m going to follow this story whereas I haven’t with Futures End and Batman Eternal.  I love what King did with White Collar and Continuum.  He certainly grasps the mechanics of this new world and paired with Jurgens, Convergence plants you right into the heart and soul of the DC multi-verse.  I think what really did it for me was when Superman tries to break free and Brainiac tells him “you should know you have already attempted that.  Thirty two times.”  This is the kind of story we’re in for and I couldn’t see why any true DC fan wouldn’t be excited by it.
I have a good feeling we’re both going to be very happy with this story line for the next two months.

Bob: My only complaint, and don’t get mad, but too much Superman! I would’ve loved to see Van Sciver’s take on the some alternate characters in the domed cities, even just reaction shots when Telos starts dropping the energy domes and starts his darwinistic plan to replace his former master. It just seemed a little to Super-centric for a 0 issue that’s going to effect the whole DCU.

Steven: It did read more like a Superman story than Convergence, but I don’t feel the same way….obviously!, that’s what makes each reader’s experience with the coming weeks so exciting. …. Who will be showcased next????

Bob: looks like Earth 2:


 Bob: I don’t know if it’s King’s influence, but your right, the story does have a Star Trek The Next Generation feel to it, and I mean that in a good way. Telos seems like a cosmic entity, an enfant terrible that Picard and company would run into.


Steven: Looking back on it certainly feels like it may have been King’s influence.I have a good feeling we’re both going to be very happy with this story line for the next two months.

Bob: I really looking forward to not only the Convergence mini, but all the wallet be damned minis as well. Let’s get back here in 8 weeks and see what comes out of this whole multiversal mess!


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