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The Batman v Superman Hot Toys Are Coming!


When we reported last month on All the Batman v Superman Merchandise You Can Handle, it was expected that Hot Toys would be producing collectible sixth scale figures from the March 2016 film.  Ahead of Hong Kong’s December 18th Toy Soul 2015 show, Hot Toys have unveiled our first look at some of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice line of collectibles.


Hot Toys announced that in addition to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice collectible figures, that they will also be offering a 1:6th scale replica of the latest Batmobile!


Hot Toys are the premium sixth scale figure manufacturers and their team in unequaled.  If you want a figure that reflects the closest, if not exact, likeness of your favorite movie and/or comic book character, they’re the company to look towards.  Despite the standard price tag of $199+, normally ranging from $249 and up, the Hot Toys 1:6th scale is the way to go.  They’re continually doing great work with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it should be fun for many collectors and fans to see what they offer as the DC Extended Universe builds on screen.  While we currently do not know the exact amount of figures being offered in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice line, the preview image seemingly teases over four figures.  Hot Toys line of Man of Steel 1:6th scale figures consisted of

  1. Superman
  2. Jor-El
  3. General Zod

If I had to guess, here would be the lineup I’d expect from Batman v Superman, some of which are confirmed by the preview image:

  1. Batman
  2. Superman
  3. Armored Batman
  4. Knightmare Batman
  5. Wonder Woman

with the possible inclusions of Lex Luthor, Doomsday, and Aquaman.

With Toy Soul taking place in Hong Kong on December 18th, expect a full line confirmation later this week.  Stay tuned for more information.  If you’re attending the show, make sure to check out Hot Toys at booth F01-16.

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