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Batman v Superman: The Social Discussion


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most anticipated of films releasing next year in 2016.  After the worldwide debut of the trailer on Jimmy Kimmel this week, everyone has something to say about the DC Comics based film and second major installment in the DCEU.  Yesterday, after having spoken about the trailer with What’cha Reading’s very own Perry White, which you could view here, I took to Instagram and chatted about Batman v Superman with friends and followers between 10 am and 5 pm.  Fans are some of the best people to speak with because of their enthusiasm and passion for the characters.  It’s their unbiased honesty that truly develops the best perspective on a film and as rewarding or angering it is to have people reflect thoughts that you share/disagree on, fan response and interaction is such an integral part of the process of waiting for a film.  I’m a huge fan of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a film I’m actively counting down for.  So in taking another look at the trailer, let’s analyse it from the fan’s perspective.



The most talked about aspect of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was Doomsday.  Despite his appearance being deemed as “disgusting”, his inclusion is what everyone wants to speak of.  “It was an amazing part of the trailer, but I honestly think that big reveal should have been saved for later” says Nick on Instagram.



Warranting his own hashtag, #Batfleck, from Joe T. on Instagram, everyone finally seems to be unanimous in agreeing that Ben Affleck will be a great Bruce Wayne/Batman.  Ana G, a “Balehead”, says that despite her love of Christian Bale as Bruce/Batman, she does “have hopes on Ben.”

Echoing my own view, Jessie A wrote “Love him.  I believe he’ll be both the best Bruce and Batman we’ve seen thus far.”

Dana Linn Bailey as Wonder Woman?


While Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) wasn’t a crucial part of the trailer released, she does seem poised to steal the show once the film opens March 25th.  Not everyone has been sold on Gadot as the Amazon from Themyscira, but Patrick wrote “I think she looks good” with Dario H responding, “Not sure yet, but Dana Linn as Wonder Woman?  She definitely could pull it off.”


bvstthree08 bvstthree30

I’m partial to the Clark/Superman/Henry Cavill dynamic.  It’s clear that Man of Steel is the catalyst for the movie and for any fans of the “Son of Krypton”, this Batman v Superman trailer should put to bed any worries about being shortchanged on Clark Kent/Superman.  Jenn M put it best with “#TeamSuperman”.  There’s no question that when Batman v Superman opens, fans will be taking sides.

Lex Luthor


“Not sure about Lex yet.” says Adam R.  What was it that Lex says to Lois in the trailer?

Batman v Superman


Across three trailers, we’ve seen the whys of Batman v Superman, but not much actual “v”ing.  The teaser trailer ended with the “greatest gladiator match in the history of the world” about to begin, with the SDCC trailer teasing moments from the fight.  While we still have more of this teased, this latest trailer finally gives us a scene with Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

Anthony felt that “the whole banter between Clark and Bruce, that was something I was really hoping they’d do.”


“Trailer looked awesome.”  The resounding Instagram comment says it all.  It’s one we definitely agree with.  Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25, 2016.

Thank you to everyone that participated.  For the full, unedited Instagram conversation, you could check that out here.

And, food for thought, if Batman and Iron Man teamed up to fight Bucky and Cap, who would win?  Nami says “Lol man I love Cap side but if Batty teamed up with Stark, Team Cap is gonna be in a great danger!! ??”

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