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What’cha Reading Talks Batman v Superman!



If you’re as excited for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as we are, then you definitely stayed up last night to watch Jimmy Kimmel premiere the worldwide debut of the new trailer.  You may have even discussed it while everyone else were in bed.  Last night and early this morning, Chuck and I discussed the Batman v Superman trailer and, not surprisingly, we both enjoyed it.  For our earliest reaction, thoughts, and trailer analysis, please see the video below.

The three minute long trailer had numerous moments that stood out.  Earlier this week we took a look at what we wanted from the Batman v Superman trailer and what it would need to consist of for us, and the fans, to enjoy it.  Check that out here.  Last week the cast of Gotham sounded off on which team they were on – Batman or Superman.  Joe covered that and he also checked in with What’cha Reading to find out who we supported.  You could find that here.

We hope you enjoy our coverage and please stay tuned for our extended analysis of the trailer.  As we were blabbing, we seemingly broke news that the trailer was out to a fan.  The reaction was great.  What we’d like to know are your thoughts.  Did you enjoy the trailer?  Are you looking forward to the March 25, 2016 film?  And…


Is Doomsday cool?  Or does he look too much like The Abomination from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk?

MovieAbomination Abomination

Or did 2008’s The Abomination not look anything like the comics and was arguably too much like Doomsday?  Sound off below.

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