Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!! - Wonder Woman #36 - Finches land on the Goddess of War!! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!! – Wonder Woman #36 – Finches land on the Goddess of War!!


Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!! - Wonder Woman #36 - Finches land on the Goddess of War!!
Wonder Woman #36
DC Comics
w. Meredith Finch
a. David Finch


Because, thanks to Azzarello & Chiang, this is the longest collecting streak I have for the Wonder Woman title, and I’m sure as hell not going to stop when one of DC’s top artist takes over the art, but has his wife writing the book with him as well! Meredith and David Finch jump right into the giant shoes left by the last creative team. Luckily, the two were smart enough not to “throw everything out the window” or “take the book in a bold new direction”, ignoring what the previous creators have done. The Finches seamlessly transition us from Azzarello and Chiang’s run, using designs, plot points and characters from that run as a bridge to their action adventure bonanza. Although David and Cliff’s styles are jarringly different, Finch keeps the designs Chiang had brought to Wonder Woman and her surrounding cast of Gods and Demi-Gods, each one instantly recognizable but now in Finch’s signature detailed style. Guest star Swamp Thing gets a one page spread by David that is amazingly done, and one of the best takes on the character since Wrightson.

And what you say about his art, you can say about Meredith Finch’s writing. This doesn’t strike me as someone’s first time out writing superhero comics, let alone someone as iconic as Wonder Woman. Finch gives Wonder Woman’s fellow Amazonians  great voices, arguing over Diana’s choice to let men live on Themyscria now that she is Queen, as well as the guest stars like the above mentioned Swamp Thing, as well as Aquaman and the Justice League all being portrayed perfectly. Meredith follows up on her promise to make Wonder Woman more down to earth and relatable, giving us a nice moment between  her and Aquaman, who upbrades her for her unnecessarily violent confrontation with Swamp Thing.

Diana grudgingly admits that the strain of being a Superhero, Queen of the Amazons, God of War, a Justice League member and Superman’s girlfriend has been getting to her, and she is afraid  of letting anyone down. Seeing a vulnerable ( if only slightly ) Wonder Woman opening up to a friend is nice touch, and something the fans can sympathize with. The Finches seem to be the right pair of birds to take this book soaring to new heights (groan…sorry…had too!..they make me!!! )


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