Marvel Summer 2015 – Secret Wars, Civil War, Planet Hulk? Flashbacks or Flash Forwards?!


Oh Marvel, Marvel, Marvel…. what a coy little tease you are…

Marvel first announced Secret Wars Summer 2015, complete with a Alex Ross image and a creative team at NYCC 2014. A surprise to most fans, using the name of the classic mini-series from the 80s, but announcing Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic as the writer and artist, and giving us a very Crisis-like image by Alex Ross

Let’s take a good look at that image:

Marvel Summer 2015 - Secret Wars, Civil War, Planet Hulk? Flashbacks or Flash Forwards?!
In the background we have what looks like the classic Battle Planet (the one created by the Beyonder using pieces of different worlds to give the Heroes and Villains of Earth a place to throw-down), but in the forefront instead of heroes battling villains, we got heroes battling heroes…from different timelines and dimensions!!!!

secret-wars1 2407781-marvelsuperheroessecretwars06

Original Secret Wars May 1984

The new image gives us Classic Cap, Thor, & IronMan and their counterparts Superior Iron Man Lady Thor, Thunderstrike, Iron Man 2020, Falcon Cap, American Dream, Horus, Commander America, DarkDevil, Miles Morales, various cross gendering/robotic versions of the Antman and Wasp, Classic Hyperion and his Ultimate Squadron Supreme Counterpart, Hawkeye, a Were-Black Panther, Ghost Rider 2099, Night Mask, 1602 Daredevil and what even looks to be like Obnoxio the Clown and Teen Hulk!!

What the hell is going on Marvel????

Not much more was given, except Jonathan Hickman saying in interviews that the new Secret Wars is tied into his ongoing work in Avengers and New Avengers (more on that later…)

Then Marvel began releasing images on an almost daily basis, teasing us with what seems to be some pretty big plans for Summer 2015! Each image (don’t know if they’re covers or promo pieces) had the title of a previously existing story arc, but new art accompanying it. After a closer look at the images, all didn’t seem kosher in Denmark!

While some seem like they could be just re-issued trades or omnibuses, or possible revisits to that arc, Like House of M, Old Man Logan, Civil War and Years of Future Past



See, standard images from those arcs, correct costumes and characters appropriate for said story.

Others seem wholly new, Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies, Inhuman’s Rising, (although that might be a play on Atlantis Rising, the Namor, F.F., Inhuman’s arc from the 90s, which should not be confused with the multi-annual Atlantis Attacks crossover which preceded it)


Then there’s the few, who although kept the name of a past series, show remarkable differences from the past story arc by subject matter in the promotional image.

Planet Hulk


Yep, that’s Cap, bare chested, wielding a battle axe, jumping off Devil Dinosaur into a literal mountain of Hulks. Never happened in the original story. Is this an alternate world? a continuation of the original? Are they doing an “I Am Legend” tale with Cap as then last man on a world of Hulked out humans. ( There are a few Hulks there that are definitely not familiar, and could be anyone, and one that might just be Elektra !)

Infinity Gauntlet


Star-Lord???? A family of Novas??? Missing Gems in the Infinty Gauntlet??? All new stuff… Star-Lord was no way near the Infinity Gauntlet saga (specifically…that  Star-Lord), and Nova was Rich Rider, just getting started with the New Warriors at that time, not the Nova-Bunch. Is this the past? the future?
Armor Wars


Galactus Buster Armor? Well that’s new, same with the Lady Liberty imagery and it looks like Armor vs. Armor here… not Iron Man hunting down villains who stole his tech!

Then the final piece of the puzzle….The End of the Ultimate Universe


Which lets face it, is long overdue (like an Ultimatum or Cataclysm ago!)

Now you could look at it a few ways…

If Secret Wars is an outcome of Hickman’s work in Avengers and New Avengers a lot of this makes sense. You see, the Marvel Universe has been experiencing Incursions, the abrupt collision of two neighboring dimensions in the Multiverse. The linchpin in the universal structure is the planet Earth, so if 1 of the 2 Earths are destroyed before the collapse, the other Earth is saved… momentarily, until the next Incursion occurs. If I wasn’t clear enough, here’s Reed Richards himself to explain


2704854-newavn2013003_keown_col_02The Illuminati ( Mr. Fantastic, The Black Panther, Namor, Iron Man, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange and the Beast ) have been managing the Incursions to the best of their abilities, but gave up on World-Killing when they were forced to kill a world of heroes. Thankfully, the Cabal ( Namor, Thanos,Terrax,Black Swan, Proxima.Midnight and Corvus Glave ) picked up where they left off, slaughtering alternate earths , and we still have a planet to read comics on.

new_avengers_23_cabalSo is Secret Wars the end of Hickman’s magnificently epic run, with universes dwindling to just a few left to experience Incursions, and some cosmic Deity (Living Tribunal?? ) have them battle it out on neutral turf to decide who’s universe survives?? Are the other images just glimpses into other universes, one shots or tie in mini-series? Will there be refugees from alternate worlds living in the 616? Is Marvel having a Crisis or is Secret Wars it’s own thing? If so are the other teaser images a sign of something else:



coverphoenix1 WhatIfWolverineWasLordOfTheVampires whatif1977series10

whatif2 Whatif1 What_If-_Vol_1_23

Hell yeah! Why not? a series of prestige format or graphic novels under the old alternate universe “What If?” title of yesteryear. With the exception of the End of the Ultimate Universe, the other images all have the earmarks of Marvel ‘s classic “What If?” tales, plus, as seen through trade sales, very marketable titles!

Or they all might be there own thing, who knows? I don’t!

I got a possible Crisis at D.C. to worry about in April first!

I know I’m gonna need a second job soon to get all this stuff

And just on a side note, this is the best Marvel Comic cover EVER!:

Marvel_Super_Heroes_Secret_Wars_Vol_1_10‘Nuff Said’


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Review Memetic – And a Sloth Shall Lead Them…

Do you ever worry about how much time you spend sharing inane things on the internet? Many sites that you wouldn’t normally go to put up cute or humorous posts just to get you to share them and spread their url far and wide. You are often doing PR for causes you would never support if you realized who they were. Memetic takes this one step further. What if that meme you shared this morning was more than just good for a smile? What if it could kill?

Review Memetic - And a Sloth Shall Lead Them...

A meme is posted to Reddit one morning. A simple picture of a sloth on a psychedelic background. It spreads like wildfire and everyone who sees it says they feel a sense of euphoria. So much so that they can’t stop looking at it. Sites crash from everyone going online to view it again and again. When anyone tries to question the effect they seem to become distracted and go right back to it. College student, Aaron feels very left out. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on him because of his color blindness. Yet as the day progresses and he sees his friends becoming more and more obsessed he’s thankful to be left out. Then things take a far worse turn.

Memetic is a great read. The pacing is on point and the threads of the different aspects of the story are woven together seamlessly. We all have a sneaking suspicion in the back of our heads that the internet controls us too much and this story plays right into that fear. It touches on the tropes of classic apocalyptic tales, but it is a fresh take that never feels stale. The art built the world well and I became completely lost in the book while I read. It’s more pages than the average comic which helps the story quite a bit. You get all the set up and head right into the action before the end.

I’m giving Memetic 4 out of 5 stars. Definitely a great start to this miniseries!

Here’s a peek inside:

Memetic_001_PRESS-3 Memetic_001_PRESS-4 Memetic_001_PRESS-5

Memetic_001_PRESS-6 Memetic_001_PRESS-7 Memetic_001_PRESS-8

Memetic #1 (of 3)
Writer: TynionIV, James
Artist: Donovan, Eryk
Cover Artist: Donovan, Eryk
Price: $4.99
UPC: 84428400414500111
On Sale October 22, 2014
Publisher BOOM! Studios
Diamond Id: AUG141144

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What’cha Watchin': The 10/25 Roadtrip Edition

I am somewhere in the back woods of North Carolina this week (this place is a mile up a gravel road in a holler and I swear I heard banjo music as I was drifting off to sleep last night), but at least we’ve got a satellite dish so that I can watch TV when the Hill People aren’t chasing me.

We’ve got some new shows in the lineup in addition to old favorites, largely due to two new staff contributors (you can read Krystal’s debut What’cha Reading gaming review here and Geek Girl Frenchie will be joining us as a photographer) and I forgot one of my favorite shows. I blame the conbola I picked up at NYCC, which has fried my brains this week. So without further ado, here’s the 10/25 Roadtrip Edition of What’cha Watchin’.

The Holy Trinity:



Yep, still watching Doctor Who (Saturday 10/25 at 9PM on BBCA), Sleepy Hollow (Monday 10/27 at 9PM on Fox), and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Tuesday 10/28 at 9PM on ABC). Doctor Who is nearing the end of its season (I will sob like a baby when we reach the pre-Christmas break), Sleepy Hollow totally featured me last week in the role of Miss Caroline (j/k, but if you’ve ever wondered what I’m like in real life, there you go sans the butter churning) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps getting better every week (May vs. May fight, anyone?). Watch them or I will hunt you down and start using Hydra-like mind control techniques on you.

The Flash (Tuesday 10/28 at 8PM on CW) and Arrow (Wedesday 10/29 at 8PM on CW) are on the way toward being a second trinity, but we haven’t found the third show to round it out yet. The Geek Boys may not agree with us, but the Geek Girls are holding fast to our love of both of these shows. And this week’s picture is for you, Geek Girls. You’re welcome.


Not Quite As Holy, But Still Awesome:



The Walking Dead (Sunday 10/26 at 9PM on AMC). I’m still not watching this one because I have to watch the first four seasons, but Krystal, Nancy, Steven, and Roe are, and they say it’s intense. Nancy says “I am always ready to give up on that show but they always pull me back in. Last season was definitely on an upward swing again and this season, so far has been very satisfying. They’ve hurt me before though so I’m not letting my guard down yet.”




Face Off (Tuesday 10/28 at 9PM on SyFy) not to be confused with the movie of the same name starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. I’ve had friends telling me to watch this one for years, and now Juan is telling me that I should be watching it.  Basically, it’s a competition show for special effects makeup artists in the style of Project Runway. I love reality shows that are based on actual talent, so I guess I’ve gotta check it out.




American Horror Story: Freak Show (Wednesday 10/29 at 10PM on FX). My friend Lori made me watch the first two episodes of this last week and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get to the subway to go home because I was convinced Twisty the Clown was going to kill me on the way. Good luck watching this one without nightmares, campers.




Elementary (Thursday 10/30 at 10PM on CBS). Friend Frenchie will not watch this show because it’s not true to Holmesian canon (and Chuck agrees), but I love Sherlock Holmes in all his incarnations and have enjoyed every episode of it. Looking forward to the continuing adventures of Clyde the turtle. (Watch it, you’ll find out.)




Grimm (Friday 10/31 at 9PM on NBC). As of this writing, I haven’t even seen the first episode of the season yet, but the excitement in my cabin is palpable. My cabinmates and I have spent the past ten minutes discussing and googling what Juliette could be because we flat-out refuse to believe she is just a human, even a Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen (human who is aware of Wesen). As my friend Grace just said, “She’s either Wesen or Wesen-adjacent.” And you can quote her on that, because I just did.




Constantine (Friday 10/31 at 10PM on NBC) is on the list until it starts to suck, because we are comic geeks first and foremost. Also, I’m fangirling a little over Matt Ryan.

*Editors Note – Our What’cha Watchin’ scribe Julie may be to shy to mention it (or maybe blame the conbola) but she had a great short piece this morning on the brief Constantine panel at NYCC’14, you can find it here: Constantine Panel Hints at What’s To Come – NYCC’14

And that’s this week. Where do you weigh in on the Geek Girl/Geek Boy argument over The Flash and Arrow? And what do you think of the Wesen-adjacent theory that we’ve come up with? And will you please come and help us paddle faster? Because I think that banjo music is getting louder. Send help. ‘Til next week…

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Pirouette #1 – A Dark Tale of Hope

Pirouette #1 - A Dark Tale of Hope

This book is beautiful. Disturbingly, hauntingly, beautiful. “Pirouette dreams of washing the paint from her face and escaping to a better life far away from her cruel adoptive circus family.” A simple synopsis that in no way conveys the raw emotion of both the plot and artwork present in this story.

Pirouette01_03The story of Pirouette, a circus clown, whose life is anything but happy Mark Miller brings us into the seedy underbelly of the traveling circus. A world we hope doesn’t truly exist but fear is all too real.
Abused (tortured really) and lonely Pirouette dreams of being a star of the show, high-flying on the trapeze, but her dreams are really more of respect and inner peace, something we all can relate to. The stark horrors of Pirouette’s life lend a warped mirror to our own misfortunes. Who hasn’t felt trapped by life and at the mercy of those who, instead of abusing us, should be our protectors.

I read tons as a child, my father always willing to give me another classic story to chew on. Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Swiss Family Robinson the list is endless. One of the sticking points for me then (and well into my adult life) was this prevailing feeling that children in stories, though not content in it, put up with insane indignities. I remember thinking back then that I would rather have frozen in the street than put up with what Oliver Twist endured. Harry Potter struck me similarly in his relations with his “muggle” family. Of course I know that it’s very easy to say these things coming from a place where though I feared an occasional beating and was bullied all through grammar school I never actually feared for my life. Pirouette does. And has good reason to. Though as a true hero still rails against the terrors of her life.
Pirouette’s story brings you right back to the classic fairy-tale. Adopted child lives in the shadows of her “betters” and dreams of a different life. The twist here comes with the impetus of change. No fairy god mother appears to lead pirouette out of the darkness. The night-bus doesn’t whisk her away to a special place, no bald wheelchair bound man comes to tell her she has special powers. No the thing that whispers to her, telling her what she needs to do to change her life is decidedly evil (or at least appears so) and I was immediately struck with a feeling of mistrust and trepidation.

Is what is suggested to her a way out? Or is it just another tragedy in what’s obviously been a life filled with disappointments and miseries.

A word on the art. As I mentioned at the beginning this is a beautiful book, Carlos Granda has found a palette that conveys the flamboyance of the circus with the ominous and creepy life our Pirouette leads in it. Very few artists have the ability to give us hope and creep us out on the same page. He has figured out the balance.


 This one gets 4.5 out of 5 clown noses

Pirouette #1
Created & Written by: Mark L Miller
Pencils & Inks by: Carlos Granda

buy it today from Black Mask Studios!

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Retropunk: A Throwback to 80s Adventures in All the Best Ways

A female bounty hunter with cat ears and a tail, a pop star on the run, a robot protector/sidekick and flying cars? I am so in. Retropunk hits all my kinks and keeps going from there.

Retropunk: A Throwback to 80s Adventures in All the Best WaysThe publisher describes Retropunk as this:

“Beneath the warm neon and cold steel of Pacific City, a pair of low-rent bounty hunters have been approached with a simple deal: Help a girl run away, and get a small fortune in return.
However, simple becomes complicated when the girl in question is the number one idol of the number one record company in the world. A company willing to use any means necessary to retrieve its property.
They say that curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, it may be greed…”
Retropunk is a throwback to older cyberpunk stories from the 80s, with art strongly inspired by the animation and comics coming out of japan in the 90s, and a visual flair that takes more than a little from American Art Deco. It’s a story of catgirls, flying cars, and kung fu fights, but more importantly it’s a story about the value of a human life.


The book definitely has an 80s vibe which I just adored. Muffy is a bit of a mess as a bounty hunter but what she lacks in skill she makes up for in enthusiasm. And Vern is always there to catch her when she falls. When pop star Lilith comes to them for help it’s a bit out of their wheelhouse but they do their best. Which means a lot of fun for us as readers. I loved all the characters. The writing was just right for an action adventure story with a lot of heart. The art had hooked me from the start. It depicts Muffy’s world like an 80s sci-fi film, something reminiscent of world of The Fifth Element.

I’m giving Muffy 5 out of 5 stars. There was not a panel of this book I didn’t enjoy. It left me wanting to see more of Vern and Muffy’s adventures.

Retropunk is written by James Surdez and Matthew Ritter, the art is done by Jhomar Sorian, the book is being published through Markosia Enterprises Ltd. The graphic novel is out for sale right now on amazon and on the publisher’s website.

Here’s a peek inside:

image01 image05

image06 image07

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Have You Seen Francis? Check out this Wonderfully Spooky Animated Short!

Check out this wonderfully spooky animated short film about a girl, a lake, and a mystery. A CGI animated film “Francis” was Directed by Richard Hickey, and written by Dave Eggers. It comes from a short story novelist (& screenwriter) Eggers wrote for “This American Life”. The resulting film has been shown at Cannes Film Festival. I think you’ll see why.

If you like this one stop by and check out The CGI Bros youtube channel for more great short films.

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Constantine Panel Hints at What’s To Come – NYCC’14

Those of us in the Empire Stage on Saturday night of NYCC (yes, even those of us parked for the screening of Doctor Who’s “Mummy on the Orient Express”) got a bit of a treat after the Constantine screening. There was a mini-panel with executive producer David Goyer and stars Matt Ryan (Constantine) and Angelica Celaya (Zed) which was only about fifteen minutes long from start to finish, but gave fans a sneak peek for what’s ahead this season.

Constantine Panel Hints at What's To Come NYCC'14I’m a total newbie to the show, but older fans of Constantine will be relieved to hear that they’re not going to blunt his character for network television. Goyer loves Constantine because he is a “bastard,” (his choice of word) and they’re going to portray him as faithfully as they can, right down to the bad language and cigarette, although they’ll be sly about the latter as he can’t be smoking on TV. Matt Ryan appeared to take it as a personal challenge to get the cigarettes onscreen in as many ways as he can.


When asked about characters from the comics who will be making appearances as the season progresses, Goyer said that fans will get to see Nergal, Papa Midnite, and Jim Corrigan. And we will get to hear Lucifer as well. There’s a tease for another character in the pilot, but I’m not going to spoil that for you. And yes, Matt Ryan has read the comics and counts the “Dangerous Habits” arc as one of his favorites.


Finally, they talked about the casting process for Constantine. Apparently Goyer wanted Ryan from the start but had to convince the network execs of it because when Ryan made his audition video, he had a thick beard for a play he was in. Goyer admitted to submarining other auditions until Ryan was finished with the play and could shave his beard. Only then were the execs convinced that he was the right man for the trench coat. (For the record, many of the ladies in the audience were much more easily convinced and were fangirling out from the time the panel started.)


And that was basically it. Short, sweet, and left everyone in the room wanting more since there wasn’t even a Q&A afterwards. Can’t wait to see what the season has in store for us!

Constantine premiers October 24, 2014 at 10pm on NBC. As always check your local listings for time and station.


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Wayward #2 Rushes to a Second Printing!

We are big fans of Wayward here at What’cha Reading. So it was no surprise when this news landed in our inbox this morning:

From the press release:

Wayward #2 Rushes to a Second Printing!

The second issue has sold out
and is being rushed to a second printing

wayward 2

The second issue of Jim Zub (SKULLKICKERS, Samurai Jack) and Steve Cummings’ (Legends of the Dark Knight, Deadshot) ongoing supernatural adventure series WAYWARD resonates with readers in search of myth, monsters, and magic. The second issue has sold out completely and is fast-tracked for a second printing to meet demand. Fan praise for WAYWARD has lit up social media and gone viral.
In WAYWARD #2 Rori’s uncanny senses lead her to a classmate with a dark secret… one he’s willing to kill to keep hidden.
“Steve and I are ecstatic about the response so far to Wayward,” said Zub. “This has been a dream project for both of us and knowing that the readership is engaged and growing helps us keep working hard.”
WAYWARD #2 has completely sold out at the distributor level, but may still be available in comic stores. It is currently available digitally on the Image Comics website ( and the official Image Comics iOS app, and on Comixology on the web (, iOS, Android, and Google Play.
The second printing of WAYWARD #2 (Diamond Code SEP148170) will release on 11/19.
WAYWARD #3 will hit stores on 10/29 and can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code AUG140692. Cover B by Jorge Molina can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code AUG140693.

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Lazarus Hardcover Edition Coming in December

I have been waiting for this release with baited breath. Why? Backpages, baby, backpages. Anyone who has read Rucka’s Lazarus must know there is a wealth of information about the world he built at the end of every issue. I saw no point in buying the collected paper editions since it lacked that, I buy the book digitally every month. Plus this book is so brilliant I want it in hardcover on my shelf. It is an amazing work, with so much detail and thought that it demands an edition like this.


From the press release:


lazarus cover


Collects first two arcs of New York Times bestseller by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark

lazarus 1

In the Image Comics series LAZARUS, the world has become a feudal state: a few wealthy families control all of the resources, while all other people amount to, if they’re lucky, loyal vassals or serfs. But most are destitute, unprotected, and desperate — what the privileged call “Waste.” This is the world of the New York Times bestselling series by Greg Rucka (Whiteout, Gotham Central, Wonder Woman, Atticus Kodiak novels) and Michael Lark (Gotham Central, Daredevil, SCENE OF THE CRIME), which is now being collected into a deluxe hardcover edition, out in November.

The “Lazarus” of the title is Forever Carlyle, the genetically enhanced daughter of a powerful family who is charged, like all who share the title Lazarus, with protecting that family by all means possible — and the story begins on the day she is killed.

Forever believes in her father’s love for her, but as a conflict with another ruling Family to moves toward war, she begins to suspect she is little more than a pawn in Family Carlyle’s plot to gain more power.

To writer Rucka, the dystopia he created for LAZARUS isn’t a far-fetched science fiction world; it’s plausible speculation on where our society is heading.

Influenced by the Occupy Movement, Rucka asked himself, “What would the world look like if 99% became 99.99999%? What if the 1% became the .00001%? What happens when that much wealth and power becomes that concentrated?”

Concentration of power leads to the powerful using all means to protect what they have — and that is where Forever comes in. Regarded variably as a tool, pet, and science project, Forever must break through her lifelong conditioning to find out what and who she really is in a world that sees her as something less — and more — than human.

“If you ask me what the series is about, yes, it’s about this dark vision of the future, certainly,” said Rucka. “But it’s about Forever, her journey, the questions of nature versus nurture, and of power, and of corruption.”

Lark’s art renders Forever’s world in deep shadow and is heightened with moody colors by Santi Arcas, perfectly capturing the fractured, violent world of LAZARUS as well as Forever’s vulnerability and naïveté, which her deadly exterior belies.

“I’m trying to demonstrate the contrast between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots,’” said artist Lark. “Because one side has, literally everything and the other has nothing, the contrast is strong. I realize that while we in the United States haven’t seen this come to pass — yet — there are other parts of the world where it is already a stark reality.”

LAZARUS: BOOK ONE collects issues #1-9 of LAZARUS, plus an introduction by Warren Ellis, a four-page “Prelude”; never-before-seen work by artist Lark, cover artist Owen Freeman, and graphic designer Eric Trautmann; and exclusive world-building content.

LAZARUS: BOOK ONE Hardcover by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark (colors by Santi Arcas)

  • ISBN 978-1-63215-183-4
  • Diamond Comic order code SEP140626
  • 256 pages, hardbound, full color
  • $34.99
  • In comic book stores November 19, in book stores December 2
  • Rated Mature
  • Collects  LAZARUS #1-9

Here’s a preview:

lazarus 2 lazarus 3 lazarus 4 lazarus 5

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Titan’s Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #4 New Arc & New Creative Team!

Titan loves Doctor Who and they’ve been doing great things with their comics for each Doctor. The Eleventh Doctor series begins a new arc next week with a brand new creative team as well. Seems like a great jumping on point if you’ve been missing out on this series so far!

Titan's Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #4 New Arc & New Creative Team!

From the press release:


Alice Obiefune always wanted to see a space station – one of those proper ones, like on the telly, with impressive bulkheads, sweeping corridors and stunning views of eternity. Maybe with an exotic matter wormhole nearby, if it’s not too much trouble. Aliens optional, but a bonus as long as they’re friendly.

That’s just one of the reasons Alice and the Doctor have come to a remote space research facility.

The views are breathtaking… but so is the formless creature creeping through the station, stealing voices and inflicting comas on those research scientists unlucky enough to be caught.

Tracking the temporal trail of the slippery SERVEYOUinc corporation, has the Doctor found more than he bargained for? And will this entity from between the stars be the death of them all?

Writer Al Ewing (Loki: Agent of Asgard) and artist Boo Cook (2000AD, Elephantmen) ramp up the claustrophobia for a terrifying space adventure!

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #4 hits comic stores on October 29.

Here’s a peek inside:

dw-1 dw-2 dw-3

Connect with Titan Comics:

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #4
STORY BY: Al Ewing
ART BY: Boo Cook
COVER BY: Verity Glass
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics
RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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