Doctor Who “The Caretaker” Review – Point/Counterpoint

Doctor Who "The Caretaker" Review - Point/CounterpointYou know the What’cha Reading crew is made up of a devoted bunch of Whovians, but we’ve had some differences of opinion about the Capaldi era. Chuck and I are the two most outspoken on the subject, and rather than continuing our debate on private email threads, we thought we’d bring it out in the open for your reading entertainment (we’re thoughtful like that). Basically, Chuck wrote out his thoughts on last week’s episode, “The Caretaker,” in a very coherent manner and I’m going to try to answer each point he raises. This is either going to be a really cool dialogue or resemble something like a bull in a china shop…no way of telling. Strap yourself in, because here goes our very first Doctor Who Point/Counterpoint.

Chuck: So first thing’s first I guess. I can’t get past the illogical nature of the statement I’m about to make but here goes. It’s obvious from the sets and the opening credits that they’re spending more money on production but why does everything look cheaper? From the opening credits to the Tardis herself everything looks fake (or faker?) I would prefer the cardboard sets of the 50’s at least they had some sort of authenticity.

Julie: I’ve kind of loved the new credits since I heard Moffat based them on a fan’s design. No, they aren’t as high-tech as some we’ve seen, but I think it’s a nice change from the standard Time Vortex opener we’ve all come to expect. I particularly like the shot of Twelve’s very intense stare, because I can’t help thinking “Attack Eyebrows!” when I see it. I do like the bookshelves and chalkboards that Twelve has, too. This Doctor is a scholar. It’s not as grand as Nine’s coral TARDIS, but Twelve’s TARDIS reminds me of a library and I like that. The only thing I’m not totally fond of is the telepathic part of the console (that Clara used to steer them to Danny Pink’s past in “Listen”) which just looks like it would feel gross to touch, but other than that I’m good with it.

Chuck: On to the episode! The Caretaker. From the promos we knew The Doctor would be masquerading as the school janitor and I was looking forward to seeing some Doctor/regular person interaction. It’s always amusing to see his reactions to those around him. Not this time. Somehow in a school full of students and teachers we only get a glimpse of 6, The Doctor, Clara, Mr Pink, a troubled student, and the big bad. Oh the English teacher gets five seconds of time but he’s only highlighted because of a passing resemblance (in wardrobe) to Matt Smith. And even when I tried to convince myself that this was an “exploration of Clara and The Doctor’s relationship” it still didn’t really work. Capaldi is so over the top, in his delivery and his mannerisms for most of the show it’s hard to even get what’s being presented.

Indulge me another moment on that idea. All the “modern” Doctors have had over the top personalities of some kind, it kind of goes with the territory. That’s not my issue. My problem is that all Capaldi seems to bring to his performance is that over the top, awkward, curmudgeon attitude. I noticed it even in last weeks episode, the man couldn’t sell himself to me as The Doctor during his soliloquy in the opening act of “Listen” and that was a perfectly written Doctor Who speech.

Julie: I’ll state up front that I feel like this is one of the weaker episodes so far this season, and I’m disappointed with that considering the writing team: Gareth Roberts and Steven Moffat. Roberts is the guy that gave us “The Unicorn and The Wasp” and “The Lodger,” which are two of my favorite episodes of Who, and I expected… more. However we knew that the inevitable Danny Pink/Doctor meet up was going to happen, and I think it was fairly well done. I agree with Chuck that I would have liked to see more of the Doctor among the humans, especially after he made the comments about fitting in among the otters, but hey, the main focus of this one was going to be on the Danny/Clara/Doctor triangle. I do not agree that Capaldi is over the top (something I have heard from some other friends as well). Over the top in a series that involved Matt Smith’s physical comedy and Chris Eccleston’s cheekiness in “Boom Town”? I don’t think it’s possible. I think that Capaldi is paying homage to the Doctors who were on when he was a kid: Hartnell’s curmudgeonliness (that’s totally a word), Troughton’s humor, Pertwee’s dramatic fashion sense. I fell in love with Twelve at the very outset, and at basically the midpoint of the season I still love him.

Chuck: Back to “The Caretaker”, there were some bright spots, though I’m sure it they’ve covered it before, it was refreshing to see the “living two lives” thing being examined. How Clara juggles being a full-time teacher, a social life, and goes traveling with The Doctor is beyond comprehension. I’ve always felt that was why previous companions are always treated as if they’ve been gone a while (except when they’re hanging around waiting for him to return), and the need for The Doctors apparent inaccuracy with the Tardis controls. Seeing her try to bounce between work, the Tardis, dinner dates was a lot of fun and fairly well written.

Well kind of. How many dates did they show her on? 3? 5? I ask because they seemed to show no real passage of time for either us (the audience) or Clara and Mr. Pink (You do know they’re dating yes?). It struck me as odd that the writer and director didn’t take the opportunity to subtly suggest that the relationship was moving in some way. They were no more intimate, in conversation or physically, from the first date to the next. We never get the feeling that they’re getting to know one another. Maybe the jogging date was meant to suggest they had progressed past dinner dates?

Julie: I agree with you. Moffat’s female characters have been widely criticized, and I figure it’s just because he likes to write the Doctor the best. Other characters are less interesting to him except how they showcase the Doctor’s various personality traits. Much like the Doctor himself, Steven Moffat prefers skipping ahead to the next time the Doctor speaks. I will say that one of the joys for me this season has been seeing the relationship between Twelve and Clara. Twelve made it very clear that he is not her boyfriend, but I ship Whouffaldi like no one’s business and every episode there is at least one line of dialogue that gives me hope (why the hell is he trying so hard to impress her and discredit Robin in “Robots of Sherwood” like a jealous boyfriend? Why is it okay for her to move on in “The Caretaker” with someone who vaguely resembles Eleven, but not Danny Pink? Answer me that.) Even taking off my Whouffaldi goggles, though, I love that he depends on her to be his carer, to really see him and tell him if he’s a good man.

But getting back to the Clara/Danny dynamic, yeah, it simultaneously feels like they’ve dated for ages and not long at all. The evening at home at the end of the episode feels like they’re an old married couple. It also contained one of my least favorite lines, when Danny makes Clara promise to tell him if the Doctor pushes him to far and not lie about it: “I am saying it because if you don’t tell me the truth I can’t help you, and I could never stand not being able to help you.” It just really rubbed me the wrong way. “Do what I say, because I have to be able to help you.” Forget that, Clara’s proved she’s completely capable. If the choice is adventure with the Doctor or Danny Pink coddling her, I’d choose the Doctor every time. Shame, because I liked Danny up to that point. Win me back, Danny. Don’t say things that sound so misogynistic!

Chuck: Then there was the suggestion that The Doctor was an Officer. Someone used to giving orders (and expecting them carried out). While it is true that he has always been presented as a leader, it has always been that of a pied piper, people follow because they feel compelled to. Not even The War Doctor gave me the impression of a hard-nosed commander or as Mr. Pink puts it “an aristocrat”.

Julie: Completely. Traveling with the Doctor is a choice. Danny’s dislike of aristocrats is almost as puzzling to me as the Doctor’s dislike of soldiers. I’m guessing there is some giant Moffat puzzle piece still missing that will make this all clear. (Please let there be some giant Moffat puzzle piece still missing that will make this all clear.)

Chuck: Add to all of this a cheap Cyberman/Dalek hybrid bad guy (really they couldn’t resurrect Anthony Head’s character Mr. Finch from the 2006 episode School Reunion?). Another disappointing episode. I can’t believe we’re half way through this series and it’s still this stiff, this unappealing. But maybe that’s just one man’s opinion.

Julie: Yeah, the Skovox Blitzer felt very Terminator 2 as a spider. I was not really impressed with it as a baddie. I feel like this was just an off week, though. Hoping for good things with “Kill the Moon,” even if the title feels like a re-tread of “Let’s Kill Hitler.” It appears to have freaky spiders, and I hate spiders, so I would probably kill the moon too if it was infested with them.

So, what were your thoughts on “The Caretaker”? How do you feel Capaldi is doing as the Doctor? Any other burning Who issues you feel like we’ve missed in our take on it? Let us know in the comments!


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Cullen Bunn gives us more tales of Helheim, and we need to sing songs of praise!

Thank Cthulhu, Brides of Helheim hits racks today. I’ve been waiting for this book ever since I read Helheim: The Witch War in March. This is going to make my favorite series of the year list, no question about it.

brides of helheim

Did you get the book yet? No? Okay, read on, I’ll convince you.

Six years after The Witch War, two villagers, Sigrid and Brand, trek through the woods dragging a very large bundle behind them. Sigrid’s on a mission, and Brand is just along to try and talk her out of it. Are the stories true? Only one way to find out.

They meet Rikard, who still can’t get into Valhalla, and continues to wander the world as an undead Draugr. Sigrid asks Rikard for his help – a beast savages her village, and she’s brought her father’s body to Rikard as proof. He’s not thrilled about being anyone’s weapon, but ultimately sets out to find the mordvig that is terrorizing Sigrid and Brand’s village.

Rikard is still brutal, but cuts a sympathetic character. He’s a warrior denied Valhalla – what can be worse than that? And it doesn’t seem to be over yet for poor Rikard (hence, the new series, right?) – the witches are back, and you just know they’re going to be using him as their personal weapon once again.

The writing is top-notch – would you expect less from Cullen Bunn? Joelle Jones’ art is nothing short of breathtaking, from Sigrid’s ice blue eyes to Rikard’s weary stance. There are cold, stark landscapes and bloody battles, and there are dank, dark spaces that only witches could love.

I love every single thing about this book. It deserves a place on everybody’s pull list. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be counting days until Issue 2 comes out.

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Joelle Jones
Publisher: Oni Press
Price: $3.99
On Sale: October 1, 2014
Diamond ID: AUG141576

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Preview/Review – Sally of The Wasteland #3

Preview/Review - Sally of The Wasteland #3No one else seems to want to say it (except us that is). So I will. This is a great book, but it’s hard to say that. Why? Because the female characters all have a pseudo-misogynistic angle that if looked at alone would be really disturbing. But take this book in context (and with a grain of salt) and I think you’ll enjoy this SyFy-channel-esque action/adventure/post-apocalyptic/fantasy. The main character, Sally, is obviously damaged. Her shotgun has a name (Bertha), she dresses like “Daisy Duke gone wild”, and she openly fixates on and attempts to manipulate the feelings of the young man she’s decided is hers. Now written down like that it doesn’t seem all that off but when you read it, it can be a touch, disturbing. The rest of the cast isn’t much better. The book is a fun romp though. On their trek through post-Apocalyptic Louisiana Sally and her traveling companions have met up with, giant river dwelling creatures, cannibalistic rapist pirates, a pack of “Banazons” (who they’ve absorbed into their little crew). This series is as grind-housey as it gets, with tons of action, adventure, and rampant sexism (toward both sexes). Then top all that off with some stellar artwork. If you’re looking for an off the wall adventure this just might be your book.

Sally3-PREVIEW-244bb Sally3-PREVIEW2-da287 Sally3-PREVIEW3-0e013


Sally of the Wasteland #3 (of 5)
Writer: Gischler, Victor
Artist: Bettin, Tazio
Cover Artist: Bettin, Tazio
On Sale October 01, 2014
Publisher Titan
Diamond Id: JUN141436
Price: $3.99
UPC: 07447062544500311

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Titan Comics NYCC 2014 – Exclusives! Panels! Signings!

You know we love Titan Comics! It’s great to see so many of their creators coming to NYCC! I know I’ll be lining up to get some Doctor Who books signed!




Titan Comics NYCC 2014 - Exclusives! Panels! Signings!13 COINS #1 WITH NYCC EXCLUSIVE COVER BY SIMON BISLEY

From Award-winning artist Simon Bisley and writers Martin Brennan & Michael B. Jackson comes this new supernatural thriller!

John Pozner always knew he was special; that his athletic abilities and fighting skills were far from human. But with a broken childhood, drug addictions, and a criminal record on his plate, he’s already fought more than his share of battles for one lifetime. Or so he hoped…

Only available at Titan Booth #2142.




A classic collection from the acclaimed creators of Marada The She-Wolf – Chris Claremont (X-Men) & John Bolton!

An exiled knight, banished for nercormancy and heresy, returns home to find England in turmoil and is recruited by the beautiful Eleanor of Aquitaine to save her kingdom. But it soon becomes clear there is more to this treachery than rebellious lords and greedy, something dark and evil stretching back to the fall of Camelot!

Only available at Titan Booth #2142.


Evil 1 coverEVIL WITHIN #1

Spun from the new survival horror game The Evil Within™ from Bethesda Softworks this all-new prequel invites readers to experience the deranged world created by Shinji Mikami.   Writer Ian Edginton (Scarlet Traces, Victorian Undead) and artist Alex Sanchez (Katana) present the story of a young student, Dana, whose search for a missing friend leads straight into a world fraught with tension and unimaginable horrors.

Only available at Titan Booth #2142.



Offering shocks, surprises, and galaxy-shaking revelations, seasoned TARDIS pilot Robbie Morrison (Drowntown, The Authority, 2000AD, Nikolai Dante) and New York Times-bestselling artist Dave Taylor (Batman: Death by Design; 2000AD) mark the start of their first five-issue run by diving headfirst into the console room and pulling all the levers they can – spinning the new Doctor off to his most challenging destination yet! – New Face! New Doctor! New Beginning! Get in on the ground floor of this amazing ongoing series!

Only available at Titan Booth #2142.




A stunning new era begins for the Eleventh Doctor, as played by Matt Smith! Alice Obiefune has just lost her mother when the Doctor explodes into her life. But what does this grieving young woman have to do with the career of a 70s musician, an amnesiac alien, and a terrifying cosmic threat? In the wake of the second Big Bang, find out what the Doctor gets up to when Amy and Rory aren’t around!

Series architects Al Ewing (Loki: Agent of Asgard, Mighty Avengers, Trifecta) and Rob Williams (Revolutionary War, Ordinary, Miss Fury, The Royals: Masters of War, Trifecta) kick off a whirlwind adventure through eternity with artist Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante, Grindhouse)!

Only available at Titan Booth #2142.



The Eisner Award-winning Nick Abadzis (Laika) and fan-favorite Elena Casagrande (Angel, Suicide Risk, Doctor Who, Star Trek) take control of the TARDIS for their first five-issue arc with the Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant! Gabriella Gonzalez is stuck in a dead-end job in her family’s New York Laundromat, dreaming of college and bigger, better and brighter things. So when a strange man with an even stranger big blue box barges into her life on the eve of the Day of the Dead celebrations – talking about an infestation of psychic aliens – she seizes her chance for adventure with both hands. After Donna’s tragic exit, the Doctor thought he was done with new companions. But Gabby Gonzalez is going to prove him wrong… if she survives the night!

Only available at Titan Booth #2142.



Date: Thursday, October 9Time: 2PMRoom: 1A10

Join a host of Creators from the new Doctor Who Comics who’ll reveal exclusive secrets from the brand-new Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor storylines and show never-before-seen art!

Panel Guests: Writer Nick Abadzis (Tenth Doctor Comic), Artist Elena Casagrande (Tenth Doctor Comic), Writer Al Ewing (Eleventh Doctor Comic), Artist Simon Fraser (Eleventh Doctor Comic),Cover Artist Alice X. Zhang (Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor Comic), Andrew James (Doctor Who Comics Editor)

Host: Steve White, Senior Editor, Titan Comics

NYCC SIGNINGS – Titan Booth #2142


Time: 3.30pm – 4.30PM


Signing: Writer Nick Abadzis (Tenth Doctor Comic), Artist Elena Casagrande (Tenth Doctor Comic), Colorist Ariana Floren (Tenth Doctor Comic), Writer Al Ewing (Eleventh Doctor Comic),Artist Simon Fraser (Eleventh Doctor Comic) and Cover Artist Alice X. Zhang (Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor Comic).

FRIDAY OCTOBER 10: Titan Booth #2142

Time: 11AM – 12PM / Location: Titan Booth #2142

13 COINS #1

Signing: Writer Michael B. Jackson

Time: 12PM – 1PM / Location: Titan Booth #2142


Signing: Writer Nick Abadzis, Artist Elena Casagrande, Colorist Ariana Floren and Cover Artist Alice X. Zhang.

Time: 1PM – 2PM / Location: Titan Booth #2142


Signing: Writer Chris Claremont

Time: 3.30PM – 4.30PM / Location: Titan Booth #2142


Signing: Writer Al Ewing, Artist Simon Fraser and Cover Artist Alice X. Zhang.


Time: 12.30PM – 1.30PM / Location: Titan Booth #2142


Signing: Writer Al Ewing, Artist Simon Fraser and Cover Artist Alice X. Zhang.

Time: 3.30PM – 4.30PM / Location: Titan Booth #2142


Signing: Writer Nick Abadzis, Artist Elena Casagrande, Colorist Ariana Floren and Cover Artist Alice X. Zhang.

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Action Lab NYCC 2014 – The Gangs ALL Here!

Action Lab NYCC 2014 - The Gangs ALL Here! Are you an Action Lab fan? One of the top 20 comic book publishers Action Lab has been steadily climbing the charts with books like Skyward, Princeless, Vamplets, and Zombie Tramp! And with new titles like the much anticipated Planet Gigantic and Fight Like A Girl coming soon you know they’re on the right track!

Check out who’s in attendance at booth #3044 this year!

Making their only U.S. appearances, Sean Isaakse (artist of the upcoming Action Lab series STRAY) and Xenia Pamfil (Creator of the Action Lab graphic novel, Mishka and the SEA DEVIL).

Mark Bertolini  (creator/writer of Scum of The Earth)
Tressina Bowling (cover artist of Shinobi: Ninja Princess) Come read our Shinobi review!

Jeremy Dale (creator of SKYWARD,  artist of NFL Rush Zone, G. I. Joe) Check out our Skyward review!
Vito Delsante (writer/ creator of Stray, writer of Adventures of Superman)

Eric Grissom  (writer/creator of Planet Gigantic) Check out our Planet Gigantic review!
Laura Guzzo  (artist of Princeless: Short stories for Warrior Women)

Jamal Igle( Creator of Molly Danger, Artist of The Terminator, Supergirl)
Bill McKay (Artist of Night of the 80’s Undead)

Dan Mendoza (creator/co- Writer of Zombie Tramp Creator)
Jason Martin (writer of  Zombie Tramp, Night of the ‘80’s Undead)

Khary Randolph (SKYWARD ,TechJacket)
Anthony Ruttgaizer (writer/ creator of The F1rst Hero)

Jeremy Whitley (creator of Princeless, writer of My Little Pony) Here’s a My Little Pony interview with Jeremy!
Marcus Williams (artist of HeroCats of Stellar City)

Aaron Conley (artist of The Sabertooth Swordsman)
Nick Marino (Creator and writer of Holy F*ck)


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Are You Ready To Fight Like A Girl?

Action Lab, home of all-ages girl-power titles like Princeless, Vamplets, and Molly Danger, has a message for teens: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL.

Are You Ready To Fight Like A Girl?

Amarosa is a girl with a dying brother. There’s only one thing left for her to do: she stands before a jury of gods from across the pantheons (I saw Loki, Apollo, and Mercury, to name a few) and asks to risk her life to gain entry to the Wishing Well, where she has to fight and survive nine different trials to get her wish – to save her brother’s life. Will the gods grant her wish, or will they strike her down for hubris? There’s only one way to find out!

I got a kick out of this book. I love the title, and I like the overall story concept. I appreciate that Action Lab gives readers strong, multicultural female characters – they make my job as an urban children’s and teen librarian easier! – that come from all sorts of backgrounds and with all kinds of back stories. The art is straightforward comic art with a dose of fantasy in the middle of a realistic tale.

This is a great title for teen girls (and guys!), but parents of younger kids may want to let them hold onto Princeless or Skyward instead – we’ve got a bit of language and violence here that may make some parents uncomfortable.

Fight Like a Girl hits stands on November  26th. Call your local comic shop and get this title on your pull list now!

Writer: David Pinckney
Artist: Soo Lee
Publisher: Action Lab
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: November 26, 2014
Diamond ID: SEP140952


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Preview – The Power Of Tank Girl!

Be honest. You loved the movie. You love the comic. Doens’t it feel better to admit it? Good! Now go buy this gorgeous omnibus edition! Featuring three insane and absurd adventures: The Gifting, Visions of Booga, and The Royal Escape.

Power of Tank Girl Omnibus HCPreview - The Power Of Tank Girl!

Writer: Martin, Alan
Artist: Dayglo, Rufus
Cover Artist: Wood, Ashley
On Sale October 01, 2014
Publisher Titan
Diamond Id: MAY141608
Price: $19.99
ISBN: 978178276064151999

Check out some of Rufus Dayglo’s art. That first preview page would make an awesome print!


Get The Power of Tank Girl today (Oct 1st) at your local comic shop!

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Preview/Review – Peter Panzerfaust #21 – A New Story Arc Starts Here!

Preview/Review - Peter Panzerfaust #21 - A New Story Arc Starts Here!I love this title, the meandering path through World War II France that Peter and his Lost Boys have taken just keeps getting better. The danger and the drama never quit! But when looking back at it all Claude raises a great point, that while Peter’s story seems amazing it is in fact like so many other people’s lives at the time. No the average French teen wasn’t running the streets fighting the Nazi, but they were finding ways to survive the war-torn world they were living in. And that’s one of the reasons I love this series. No capes, no tights, no special powers. A group, of well kids essentially, doing everything they can not only to fight for what they believe in but also to stay alive, and stay together. There hasn’t been a single issue that missed that point, and that didn’t convey that it poignantly. Thanks Kurtis for making a great book full of great action and great drama. 5 out of 5, every time.

Here’s the preview of Peter Panzerfaust #21:

‘ON TILL MORNING,’ Part One From the memories of Claude, the only living twin, the story continues. Together at last, Peter, the Darlings, and the remaining Lost Boys embed themselves in the dangerous heart of Paris. With the Hook hot on their heels, it is only a matter of time before they are discovered. But Peter has a plan. A new story arc begins here!”

peter21_00 peter21_01 peter21_02

peter21_03 peter21_04 peter21_05

and the pull list info (courtesy of
Peter Panzerfaust #21
Writer: Wiebe, Kurtis J.
Artist: Jenkins, Tyler
Cover Artist: Upchurch, Roc
Publisher: Image/Shadowline
On Sale: October 01, 2014
Price: $3.50
Product ID: JUN140493

And if you’re buying Rat Queens you may be interested in these interlocking covers (probably make a hell of a signed set to hang on a wall)


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Review – Death of Wolverine #3 – A Modern Classic?

Review - Death of Wolverine #3 - A Modern Classic?After three solid weeks without Charles Soule and Steve McNiven’s “Death of Wolverine”, Marvel has finally treated us to the third part of this four-part series. And after reading this issue, I am once again reminded by how much I thoroughly enjoy Mr. Soule’s intelligent and well plotted story concerning the death of, prehaps the most famous of X-Men, – the Wolverine!
“Death of Wolverine” part 3 of 4 is another good, solid story about a delicate moment in Logan’s life. He no longer has his famous healing factor and is combating nearly “every assassin and merc thug on the planet” that’s after him. After a brutal encounter with Lady Deathstrike, and one that is drawn equally as savage by Steve McNiven, Logan is saved by Kitty Pride and allowed a short, but sweet moment with her in the Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens in Tokyo. This is where the book comes alive, in every word and image, transporting you into the reality of the story. Much like gifted writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Batman, and the upcoming Wytches) Charles Soule has the unique talent of creating a dialogue that rises from each bubble and box and somehow becomes that of an overheard conversation. When paired with the amazing penciller, Steve McNiven, each page pulls you into a world in which you can truly experience the scent of plum blossoms and wind kissing rustling petals, the anger and fear Logan has towards his own mortality, and the immediate urgency of his battle with Ogun. It is exactly this environment brought to life by this creative team that makes “Death of Wolverine” such an important book, and Soule and McNiven two of the top talents working in the industry today.
Whether or not you have followed the lead up to “Death of” or are reading “Death of” it is a book that has so many merits as quality literature. What could be easily dismissed as event writing or a Marvelous idea of sensationalism, “Death of Wolverine” is quite the opposite. It’s a remarkable four-part story arc that truly captures the existential idea so many of us face – what does it mean to be alive? What is the meaning of our existence? What is our legacy? Charles Soule hits every beat in his story and the third part, entitled “Seppuku”, reminds us after a three-week gap of why we kept with this book instead of dropping it off our weekly pull. As Wolverine says “just one lifetime, where every choice matters. Just one chance and I’m gonna use it.” we completely tap into Logan’s head space and given another reason to follow this essential Marvel character for just one more week and face Death and all his friends that come with it.
Thank you, Charles Soule and Steve McNiven for providing us with a story that will surely stand on fans bookshelves; collected along with such classics written by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont. Thank you for “getting” the importance of “Death of Wolverine” and for providing us with an important look at a comic book character that became a man, a living and breathing Wolverine.

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Preview The New Can’t Miss ‘Stray Bullets’ Edition

Preview The New Can't Miss 'Stray Bullets' Edition
After David Lapham’s “Stray Bullets” triumphant return in March 2014, with the launch of its first new story arc in nine years, “Killers”, it was decided that fans new and old should be treated to an edition of the classic story arcs. This November it begins with STRAY BULLETS VOLUME 1: INNOCENCE OF NIHILISM!

sb-01 sb-02

sb-03 sb-04


  • ISBN 978-1-63215-113-1
  • Diamond Comic order code AUG140602
  • 224 pages, black and white
  • $19.99
  • Rated Mature
  • Collects STRAY BULLETS #1-7
  • In comic book stores October 29, bookstores November 11

Here’s the press release from Image Comics:

Follow the lost lives of people who are savagely torn apart by events beyond their control. As the innocent world of an imaginative little girl is shattered when she witnesses a brutal double murder. Or an introverted young boy on the verge of manhood gets a lesson on just how far is too far when he falls for a needy woman who lives in the fast lane. Or party with a pair of low-rent hoods who learn about what is really important in life just when they shouldn’t. And even learn the story of the most infamous gangster who ever lived, Amy Racecar, who talks to God, lunches with the President, and just may be responsible for the end of the world.

Stray Bullets to me is a format for telling my stories. Every issue is a complete tale in itself ranging from traditional noir to emotional drama, comedy, action, suspense, even surreal nonsense,” said Lapham in an interview at the Image Comics website. “Together they all form a larger story of a cast of misfits, losers, outcasts, families, kids, and killers and the tragedies that shape them. But forgetting all that, the gut of Stray Bullets, its mission, is to deliver emotion. To knock readers on their ass every issue with a strong visceral, truthful emotion.”

STRAY BULLETS won the 1996 Eisner Award for Best Writer/Artist, and the trade paperback collection STRAY BULLETS: INNOCENCE OF NIHILISM won the 1997 Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album-Reprint. Its trademark dark, neo-noir themes and nonlinear storytelling have been likened to the storytelling styles of Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch.

STRAY BULLETS VOLUME 1: INNOCENCE OF NIHILISM will be in comic book stores on October 29 and in bookstores on November 11. It is available for pre-order now.

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