“Into the Dalek” Takes Us Into the Twelfth Doctor – Spoilery Recap!

p025byzdAs River Song says “Spoilers Sweetie”. If you haven’t watched “Into the Dalek” yet, you might want to reconsider reading this until after you have. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you liked “Deep Breath” last week (and I did), then you probably also liked this week’s “Into the Dalek” episode of Doctor Who (and I did). Steven Moffat and Phil Ford have found an astounding new way to tell a Dalek story while letting us get to know the Twelfth Doctor a little better. So, to paraphrase Clara, what have we learned?

  • We’ve learned that this Doctor is definitely not Clara’s boyfriend, just as he said in “Deep Breath,” but that they’re finding their way back into being best friends. They can joke with each other and take the piss out of each other: the Doctor tells her at one point that she’s “built like a man” and she tells him that he’s her “hobby.” Their evolving relationship is something I really loved about this episode, particularly that Clara has found her feet around him again. In addition to providing him with absolute honesty when he asks for it, she also questions him and makes him think. Twelve berated the Paternoster gang for not asking the “right” questions in the first episode, and “Into the Dalek” shows Clara is now asking them. Combined with a slap that would make Jackie Tyler proud, she is able to knock some sense into the Doctor in a way that few other Companions could. Lesson learned again: don’t mess with Clara Oswald.
  • We’ve learned that this Doctor is very worried about his morality. “Am I a good man?” he asks Clara, and she, still getting to know this version of him, has to admit that she doesn’t know. The answer to this question becomes a main focus of the episode (I believe it will continue as the focus for the rest of the season as we learn more about Twelve). Capaldi said that his Doctor would be more alien, but a large part of the journey in the first two episodes has been finding the Doctor’s humanity.

"Into the Dalek" Takes Us Into the Twelfth Doctor - Spoilery Recap!

  • We learned that knowing Peter Capaldi has some serious acting chops is nothing like seeing them in action. The minute or so when he is acting straight to camera while the Doctor is in Rusty’s mind was brilliant. In the span of sixty seconds, he managed to show hope, shock, desperation, self-loathing, and resignation, along with the deep sadness we’ve come to expect from the Doctor. The tears swimming in his eyes at the end of the scene made me cry.
  • We’ve met the mysterious Danny Pink, and I learned that I actually liked him! Rumor has it that Jenna Coleman will be leaving the show, and my current theory is that Clara will leave the Doctor to stay with Danny. This would effectively break up my Whouffaldi daydreams, so I wanted to dislike Mr. Pink on first sight. And yet Samuel Anderson did such a fantastic job with his five minutes or so of screen time that I just couldn’t. Danny is a good-looking guy who doesn’t know how to talk to women, and who has some serious baggage that makes me want to know more about him. Thankfully he doesn’t appear another Rickey the Idiot (my legit fear about the character of Danny), so I’ll be interested to see how he plays into the storyline, particularly given the Doctor’s apparent prejudice against soldiers.
  • We’ve learned that Missy (The Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere, as billed in “Deep Breath”) apparently collects those who die while with the Doctor. But does she collect everyone who does? And did she just start when Twelve regenerated, or does she have the Ponds and River, too? Who is she???
  • Finally, we’ve learned that heat from decontamination tubes can apparently take the place of a good dry cleaner. This was the sole piece of weak writing for me: one minute everyone’s coated with slime from where the Dalek was storing its protein snacks and the next they’re picture perfect again with no stains on anything including Clara’s silk blouse. The only difference between one scene and the next was a trip through the decontamination tubes the Doctor warned us were hot, but in my all too logical mind heat would have baked the human remains into the clothes and not acted like a giant Tide stick. To be fair, though, that didn’t occur to me until the second time I watched it, and if that was the only flaw I could find? Pretty damned good job by all. I’m giving “Into the Dalek” 4.8 out of 5 Lightning Bolts.

Parting thought: did anyone else find it ironic that in the last episode breathing caused death and in this episode not breathing does (“Don’t be lasagna.”)?

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The Riddle of a Familiar Face – Doctor Who Season 8 Questions & Theories

The Riddle of a Familiar Face - Doctor Who Season 8 Questions & Theories

Via wn.com

On some level, Whovians knew the Doctor Who creative team had to address the fact that Peter Capaldi’s been on the show before. He’s been on Torchwood, too, but his character of John Frobisher never met the Doctor, so it’s not quite as much of an elephant in the room. But in the third episode of season four, the Doctor saved Lucius Caecilius from “Volcano Day” in Pompeii, which presents a bit of a paradox. (For those of you who are quick to say “But Karen Gillan was in that episode too, and Amy Pond never referred to her previous ‘face,’” I would say two things: one, Karen Gillan was in makeup the whole episode with a much smaller role, and two, maybe that’s where Amy’s love of Roman centurions came from.) How would the issue of Capaldi’s previous appearance be dealt with?

Via fangirlsarewe.com

Via thisisinfamous.com

We didn’t have long to wait. The Twelfth Doctor addresses the familiar face in his first episode, “Deep Breath.” While searching through trash piles, he asks a homeless man “Have you seen this face before?” The man asserts that he has not. Twelve persists: “It’s funny because…I’m sure that I have. You know, I never know where the faces come from. They just pop up, zap. Faces like this one. C’mon, look at it. Look! Look, look, look! It’s covered in lines. But I didn’t do the frowning. Who frowned me this face? D’you ever look in the mirror and think ‘I’ve seen that face before?’” The tramp admits that this happens every time he looks in the mirror, and the Doctor responds “Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes, fair enough. Good point. My face is fresh on, though. Why this one? Why’d I choose this face? It’s like I’m trying to tell myself something. Like I’m trying to make a point. But what is so important that I can’t just tell myself what I’m thinking? I’m not just being rhetorical here, you can join in!” The tramp is too freaked out to join the Doctor on his musings, but I’ll take him up on his invitation.

“The Fires of Pompeii” features some uneven writing which doesn’t really give Capaldi (or any of the supporting cast) a chance to shine, so I’m glad this wasn’t his audition tape. They do their best with what they were given, but it’s early in the Donna’s travels with Ten which means the story focuses on them and trying to figure out what the Doctor/Donna relationship will be. The ultimate takeaway is that Donna is a force of good on the Doctor, reminding him that while he can’t save everyone, he can save some people, and that even a few (in this case a family of four) is better than none at all.

Since one of the main themes in “Into the Dalek” is the Doctor trying to find the answer to the question “Am I a good man?” perhaps he chose Lucius Caecilius’ face to remind him of that lesson. My gut instinct is that after centuries of war on Trenzalore, Twelve is in the same kind of frame of mind that Nine was in when we met him: bitter and jaded. Hundreds of years spent mainly in the company of a Cyber-head while fighting off all the enemies in existence could certainly have that effect on you, after all, even if your Impossible Girl saves you. Regenerating with Lucius Caecilius’ face might have been Eleven’s last attempt at giving his future self a touch of goodness, a reminder of what Donna taught him.

Or I could be reading way more into this than I should. Ten’s last words to Caecilius were “It’s never forgotten, Caecilius. Oh, time will pass, man will move on and stories will fade, but one day, Pompeii will be found again. In thousands of years. And everyone will remember you.” While I’m pretty sure this was not meant to be a line of great import when written, Capaldi’s return seems to give it another meaning. Maybe we’ll remember Caecilius because the Twelfth Doctor wound up with his face, simple as that. But knowing how much Steven Moffat likes coming up with puzzles to torment his audience, (the next line contains spoilery content highlight to read...) I am currently going nuts trying to figure out who Missy is and why certain people who die through their association with the Doctor end up with her in “Heaven”, I somehow don’t think so.

Via fangirlsarewe.com

Via fangirlsarewe.com

What are your thoughts on how the Moff and crew will resolve the familiar face conundrum? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear some other opinions!

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MST3K’s Joel Hodgson Appearing at Baltimore Comic Con

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fans rejoice. Joel Hodgson, creator and original host of the series will be appearing at Baltimore Comic Con. He will be hosting a costume contest, appearing at a spotlight panel and have autographing and photo opportunities all three days.

From the press release:

bccMST3K’s Joel Hodgson to Host Baltimore Comic-Con/StylinOnline.com Costume Contest!
Spotlight Panel Saturday Morning

joel 2

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – August 29, 2014 – The Baltimore Comic-Con is proud to welcome Joel Hodgson, creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000, as the host of the Baltimore Comic-Con/StylinOnline.com Costume Contest! Hodgson will also be joined onstage by comedian Matt McGinnis.

Joel Hodgson is best known for creating the Peabody Award-winning movie-riffing sci-fi series Mystery Science Theater 3000. He was also the host of the series for the first 100 episodes. Joel started out in show business as a stand-up comedian and appeared on HBO’s Young Comedians Special as well as the Late Show with David Letterman on CBS and NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Joel currently does the voice of “Mayor Dewey” on Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe. Joel recently completed six years of touring with the original cast of MST3K in Cinematic Titanic.

In addition to the hosting the costume contest, Hodgson will also have a Spotlight Panel Saturday from 11:00-12:00 in the Ballroom. He will be at the Baltimore Comic-Con all three days, signing autographs and taking photos with fans.

“We are very happy to have Joel Hodgsonbcc joel join us in Baltimore,” said Marc Nathan, promoter of the Baltimore Comic-Con. “Mystery Science Theater 3000 has entertained thousands of viewers and has become a huge part of popular culture. MST3K fans are sure to be excited by this news.”

The Baltimore Comic-Con/StylinOnline.com Costume Contest is on Sunday, September 7th, beginning at 1:00pm.

The Baltimore Comic-Con will be held Friday, September 5 through Sunday, September 7, 2014, at the Baltimore Convention Center, which is located immediately across the street from the historic Camden Yards sports complex (which includes Oriole Park and Geppi’s Entertainment Museum). Tickets, a full guest roster, and additional information is available on the convention’s website.

General Admission and VIP Package tickets for Weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are now on sale! Visit www.baltimorecomiccon.com/tickets/ for more information and to purchase your advanced tickets now!

Mark Your Calendars!
The Baltimore Comic-Con returns to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in 2015 for another three-day spectacular! Block off Friday, September 25 through Sunday, September 27, 2015 on your calendars now!

This year’s previously confirmed guests for the show include: James Asmus (Quantum & Woody); Marty Baumann (Pixar artist); Jeremy Bastian (Cursed Pirate Girl); Marguerite Bennett (Batgirl); Christina Blanch (The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood); Tom Brevoort (AXIS); Harold Buchholz (Archie Comics); Mark Buckingham (Fables); Dave Bullock (Batman Black and White); Jim Calafiore (Leaving Megalapolis); Frank Cammuso (Otto’s Backwards Day); Darrenn Canton (Tunnels & Trolls); Greg Capullo (Batman); Richard Case (Sandman); John Cassaday (Doc Savage); Bernard Chang (Green Lantern Corps); Jo Chen (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Sean Chen (Amazing Spider-Man); Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman); Frank Cho (X-Men: Battle of the Atom); Amy Chu (Girls Night Out); Richard Clark (House of Gold & Bones); Wook-Jin Clark (Adventure Time: The Flip Side); Steve Conley (Bloop); Jamie Cosley (Cody the Cavalier); Tyler Cosley (AlakaZach); Mike Curtis (Dick Tracy); Jeremy Dale (Skyward); Alan Davis (Wolverine); Todd Dezago (Tellos); Dan Didio (Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger: Futures End); Tommy Lee Edwards (Star Wars); Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys); Ray Fawkes (Constantine); Tom Feister (G.I. Joe); David Finch (Forever Evil); Franco (Aw Yeah Comics!); Jay Fosgitt (Bodie Troll); John Gallagher (Buzzboy); Katie Gallagher (Zoey and Ketchup): SL Gallant (GI JOE); Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (All-Star Western); Gerhard (Cerebus the Aardvark); Chris Giarrusso (G-Man); Dave Gibbons (Watchmen); Keith Giffen (The New 52: Future’s End); Bryan JL Glass (Mice Templar); Michael Golden (The Ravagers); Jimmy Gownley (The Dumbest Idea Ever!); Allan Gross (Road Song); Cully Hamner (Animal Man); Dean Haspiel (The Fox); Ben Hatke (Zita the Spacegirl); Josh Hechinger (The Grave Doug Freshly); Fred Hembeck (Garfield); Marc Hempel (Sandman: The Kindly Ones); Travis Hill (Adventure Time); Andy Hirsch (Regular Show); Jason Horn (Ninjasaur); Adam Hughes (Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan); Jamal Igle (Molly Danger); Laura Innes (The Dreamer); Justin Jordan (Luther Strode, Green Lantern: New Guardians); Dan Jurgens (The New 52: Future’s End); Collin Kelly (Hacktivist); Chris Kemple (Red Vengeance); Denis Kitchen (Al Capp: A Life to the Contrary); Barry Kitson (Empire); Aaron Kuder (Action Comics); Jackson Lanzing (Hacktivist); Norman Lee (Iron Man Special); Paul Levitz (World’s Finest); Kevin Maguire (Guardians of the Galaxy); Mike Maihack (Cleopatra in Space); Alex Maleev (Moon Knight); Mark Mariano (The Other Side of Hugless Hill); Billy Martin (Vitriol, The Hunter); Laura Martin (Uncanny Avengers); Ron Marz (Witchblade); Mark McKenna (Banana Tail); Mike McKone (Ultimate FF); Bob McLeod (X-Men: Gold); Pop Mhan (All-New X-Factor); Al Milgrom (Marvel Fanfare); Tradd Moore (Deadpool Annual); Mark Morales (New Avengers); Michael Alan Nelson (Day Men); Jamar Nicholas (Leon: Protector of the Playground); Chris O>Matic (The Chris O>Matic Show!); Denny O’Neil (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight); Chris Otto (A Dog’s Life); Dan Parent (Archie, Veronica, Kevin Keller); Missy Pena (Bee and Puppycat); Andrew Pepoy (Life with Archie); George Perez (George Perez’s Sirens); David Peterson (Mouse Guard); Khoi Pham (Mighty Avengers); Cary Pietsch (Bravest Warriors); Joe Prado (Justice League); Brian Pulido (Lady Death); Ron Randall (Trekker in Dark Horse Presents); Tom Raney (Incredible Hulk); Brian Reber (Unity); Ivan Reis (Aquaman and The Others); Budd Root (Cavewoman); Don Rosa (Donald Duck); Craig Rousseau (Perhapanauts); Joe Rubinstein (The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe); Andy Runton (Owly); Alex Saviuk (Web of Spider-Man); Gregg Schigiel (Spongebob Squarepants Comics); Jeff Schultz (Archie Comics); Louise Simonson (Power Pack); Walter Simonson (Thor); Andy Smith (Superman #23.1: Bizarro); Allison Sohn (sketch card artist); Charles Soule (Thunderbolts); Mark Sparacio (Omega Paradox); Jim Starlin (Thanos: The Infinity Revelation); Joe Staton (Dick Tracy); Brian Stelfreeze (Day Men); Jeff Stokely (Six-Gun Gorilla); Paul D. Storrie (Sheena, Queen of the Jungle); Karl Story (Serenity: Leaves of the Wind); Vivek J. Tiwary (The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story); Ben Taylor (A Dog’s Life); Robert Tinnell (The Wicked West); Peter Tomasi (Batman and Two-Face); John Totleben (Swamp Thing); Herb Trimpe (GI Joe: A Real American Hero); Billy Tucci (Shi); Rick Veitch (Saga of the Swamp Thing); James Tynion IV (The Woods); Mike Vosburg (Lori Lovecraft); Brennan Wagner (The Shadow: Year One); Matt Wagner (Grendel); Mark Waid (Daredevil); Lee Weeks (Daredevil); Mark Wheatley (Frankenstein Mobster); Bill Willingham (Fables); Renee Witterstaetter (Joe Jusko: Maelstrom); Mike Wolfer (Friday the 13th); Rich Woodall (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles); Kelly Yates (Amber Atoms); Thom Zahler (My Little Pony); and Mike Zeck (Secret Wars).

Regrettably, Frank Barbiere, Eddy Barrows, Jimmy Cheung, Rachel Deering, Agnes Garbowska, and David Mack have had to cancel. We look forward to seeing their return to the show in the future.

In the coming weeks, look for more announcements from the Baltimore Comic-Con. We are looking forward to highlighting our guests, the Harvey Awards, industry exclusives, and programming. The latest developments can always be found on our website, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

General Admission and VIP Package tickets for Weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are now on sale! Visit www.baltimorecomiccon.com/tickets/ for more information and to purchase your advanced tickets now!

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Review – City of Walls #1 – A Book About Heroes

Review - City of Walls #1 - A Book About Heroes

via www.redstylo.com

I love books that have meaning. That being said I can’t stand books that try to have meaning. If you write a story with heart, with passion, and the art follows in kind, you will have a book with meaning. It may not be rocket science, honestly it’s magic. At this moment I have about 25 books in the process of being reviewed (being read, waiting for art, in editorial, you get the idea) very very few have that magic. City of Walls does.

The title of this review is “A Book About Heroes” so you’re probably waiting for the capes and tights, keep waiting. This is the story of three children, Daniel, Jin, and Ariana. They reside in Kowloon, the walled city, a hodgepodge of buildings all joined together, walkways, hallways, and gantries making a huge maze of tunnels and valleys. No one makes it out of Kowloon, between the city itself and the gangs that control it being born there is a life sentence. These three have decided they are leaving, even if they have to take to the skies to do it. Rising above what life hands us, that’s what makes heroes.


cow.b1.02We meet up with the three just as they’re meeting each other, children making friends through tragedy. The world they live in is a rough place, gang killings in the streets, parents all but absent or passed on. Daniel and Jin become fast friends, Daniel’s ability to tell a story fascinates Jin and the story Daniel relates gives Jin some pretty big ideas.

When Ariana is added to the mix, through another tragedy we see the beginnings of a powerful friendship between these three, one that could change their lives forever.

A beautiful book, as you can see from the images here, impressive layouts with a hint of Boondocks in the character design but more importantly this is a book about kids. Kids living independently of the adults in their lives. Living for themselves in a world that wouldn’t care if the shriveled up and blew away.


Can these three youngsters escape the life (and city) that looms over them? I can’t wait to find out.

4 out of 5.

Buy City of Walls in digital or print from Red Stylo Media ($1.99 per issue), issue 3 is coming soon, catch up while you can!

City of Walls is by creators Shaun Noel and Abede Lovelace, with inks by Mark Morales. Published by Standalone Productions in cooperation with Red Stylo Press.

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We Don’t Just Read: Introducing “What’cha Watching”!

Like most self-respecting Americans, the What’cha Reading staff doesn’t only spend a lot of time reading, we spend a lot of time watching TV and movies, too. These days even before the fall season hits network TV, some old favorites have returned for another season and some great new shows have taken off. And of course we’re constantly watching past episodes of our favorite shows on streaming and DVD/Blu-Ray, just like you. So without further ado, here’s the kickoff of our new series: “What’cha Watching?” where you get to find out our staff favorites for the week.

Coming up this week on TV:

via http://www.nerdist.com

via http://www.nerdist.com

Doctor Who: This made nearly everyone’s Watch Lists, because come on: new season, new Doctor, new adventures with our favorite Gallifreyan. We’ll be checking out “Into The Dalek” on BBCAmerica (Saturday, 8/30, 9PM EST), but there’s also “Doctor Who: Earth Conquest” about the recent DW World Tour on BBCAmerica right before that at 8PM. And if you want to try to figure out the mystery of why the Twelfth Doctor picked this particular face before Steven Moffat sees fit to reveal it to us, you can go back and catch the Tenth Doctor and Donna’s adventure with “The Fires of Pompeii” (3rd episode of the 4th season of “New Who,” available on Amazon Instant Video and Netflix along with the rest of seasons 1-7). I’ll be writing an article about the Doctor’s new face very soon, because I like a mystery as much as the next Impossible Girl.

Via Hollywood Reporter

Via Hollywood Reporter

Outlander: This one was on Nancy, Rosemary’s, and my pick list because it’s one of our favorite series of books on the small screen and so far they’re doing a great job with it—helps when the creative team are fans of the books as well! And fun fact: Annette Badland, who plays Mrs. Fitz, will also be familiar to Doctor Who fans–she was Blon Fel-Fotch Pasameer-Day Slitheen/Margaret Blaine in the season one Who episodes “World War Three” and “Boom Town.” Episode 4 of Outlander, “The Gathering,” is on Starz (Saturday, 8/30, at 9PM EST)—note the time conflict with Doctor Who, which is why DVRs were invented. Back episodes are available on StarzPlay if you’re a subscriber.


Via FavFilms.net

Via FavFilms.net


Teen Wolf: Nancy tells us why she recommends this one: “When it started it was so much better than I would ever expect from an MTV show. It’s flagged a bit story-wise the last couple half seasons but they cut back to 12 episode seasons and I can see the difference in the writing. It’s much tighter. They also suffered because 2/3 of the cast left. I think it forced them to get more creative and it’s working for me.” New episode is on MTV (Monday, 9/1, at 10PM EST), and you can catch back episodes at MTV.com.

via attheknick.tumblr.com

via attheknick.tumblr.com

The Knick: Ed likes this one so much he’s going to be doing a full write-up, and calls it “a brilliant show on turn of the century medical procedures.” It’s on Cinemax (Friday, 9/5, at 10PM EST) with back episodes on MaxGo if you’re a subscriber.

via https://www.nerdist.com

via https://www.nerdist.com



Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Chuck, Roe, and Ed are all singing its praises and made the rest of us want to check it out as well. It comes back on Sunday, 9/7, at 11PM EST, which technically makes it next week’s pick except I was told that the World Cup piece John did was “epic.” It is, and you can watch the segment on YouTube.



Available on Streaming:

via http://www.impawards.com

via http://www.impawards.com

The Killing: Chuck and Ed are both watching this crime series, which started out on AMC and got a final season on Netflix. When asked why, Chuck said “I love [it] so much it hurts to watch it sometimes.” With praise like that from our editor monkey, it’s going on my queue.


via screencrush.com

via screencrush.com

From Dusk Till Dawn (The Series): Steven mainlined this show this week, saying “I believe Robert Rodriguez once said, in regards to describing the plot of the film (which is essentially the same for the show) that he wants people to feel like watching the first half is like watching a Tarantino crime movie.  And for the second half to feel like reading a Stephen King novel.  Nuff said.” Season One is available on Netflix.


So, that’s us. What are you watching this week? What should we be watching next week? Let us know in the comments!

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True Blood—A Missed Opportunity—Spoilery Recap!

This article contains spoilers for the series finale of True Blood as well as some for the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries. If you have not watched the ep or read all the books, think twice before wading into this one.

True Blood—A Missed Opportunity—Spoilery Recap!

Via http://trueblood.wikia.com/wiki/Season_7

I know it’s a week after the finale, but I had to get this off my chest. I don’t consider myself a Truebie, I’ll say that up front. Yes, I read all of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books, and yes, I’ve watched every season of True Blood on HBO, but I think to be a Truebie you have to really love the entire series and all the books, and for me that just isn’t the case. The last few books felt like Harris was phoning it in to fulfill her contract before she could get to the big finish, and the last couple of seasons on HBO haven’t had any relationship to the books (for those of you who haven’t read them all, here’s a hint: Billith doesn’t make an appearance). Lafayette dies in early days in the books, yet he makes it to the end of the series. And on a fan level, I know why. I loved Nelsan Ellis’ portrayal of the character, and hell, I didn’t want him to die either. But not following the canon in the books mean that the last few seasons have been kind of like watching fan fiction. It wasn’t always well-written fan fiction (see above, Billith), but it was entertaining and I was always too interested in it to stop watching entirely. And knowing this season was the last one, I tuned in once again with the hope that I would get some sort of grand wrap-up to a show and characters I had liked so much that would redeem hours of watching through some less than stellar story lines.

Yeah, notsomuch…

Oh, there was a wrap-up, of course. But as the death toll rose this season, one of my friends and I were betting that the season ending would be that everyone died. Or if that was not to be, that maybe all the flashbacks Bill was having to his life before the Civil War meant that this was all a dream and they would all end up being people in his former life, back on the plantation (that would have been weak, but I’ve seen weaker on the show). Neither happened, so I still don’t see the reason for all of those flashbacks. What did happen was that Sarah Newlin got punished (man, that felt good) and Bill got the release from life he apparently so desperately craved in this season, at the hands of Sookie (a bit of retribution for all the times he’s screwed her over during the series). Oh, and everyone lived (or didn’t live, in the case of the vamps) happily ever after as we saw in a series of flash-forwards that took up the last minute and a half of the show.

I was disappointed. It felt like a cheat to me. While I wanted Sookie to go forward with her life (although maybe not with Sam like she did in the books), I wanted her to have a stronger finish. In the books and the show, Sookie is a strong woman. She hangs out with supes and keeps up with them without being scared off. Yes, she gets banged up more than once, but it’s her contact with the supernatural world that helps her find out how strong she is, that she’s not just a freak who can read minds as the town of Bon Temps sees her when the series begins. She’s part fae, dammit. She’s kickass. And while I appreciated that she didn’t sacrifice her fae-ness for Bill’s sake, I wanted more for her. I wanted more for all of them. The only ending I was even remotely satisfied with was the Eric/Pam/Sarah Newlin ending, because it was perfect for them. But other than that? The best part of the episode was Eric driving a car full of dead Yakuza bodies through the night and jamming to a song on the radio.


Image from HBO/Tumblr

I’ll miss True Blood. I’ll miss the characters, and the whole world that these people existed in, a supernatural world within a world. I’ll miss the possibility that all of it could exist. But I still think there was a better way for it to wrap up, one that would have given its longtime viewers the satisfaction we all craved.

September 7, 2008-August 24, 2014

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Preview/Review Prometheus Fire & Stone #1 – On Sale 9/10/14

Preview/Review Prometheus Fire & Stone #1 - On Sale 9/10/14I have always been open-minded about the possibility of aliens. The universe is just so big and ever-expanding that it would be almost impossible to calculate and quantify the possibility of their existence. I know better men such as Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov have tried and have also been light years more eloquent than me. However, I do feel there is quite a validity in the concept of aliens, and the theories and mythologies humanity produces in a feeble yet honest way to understand the question “are we alone in the universe?” This leads me to my great enjoyment of science fiction and my fondness for the “Alien” and “Predator” film series. And why the Dark Horse “Prometheus” series based on the 2012 film will soon become an important book for all of you that may share my same interests in the universe.

PromFandS0203Growing up, I always went for the more oddball comic books. Sure, I read the main stays of the comic industry, but for every Spider-Man book I’d pull, there’d be a “Mars Attacks“, “Swamp Thing“, and many other titles that would solidify my ranking within the comic-book/ pop culture community. One of my all time favorite publishers is Dark Horse. They were the kings of science fiction titles throughout my adolescence. I was a huge devotee towards their “Terminator”, “Aliens”, “Predator”, and “Dark Horse Presents” titles. I am the guy that watched “TimeCop” as a comic book adaptation, not just as a great Jean Claude Van Damme movie. For a while, I was left with nothing while those titles faded into 90’s obscurity so I was understandably excited to learn, during the summer of 2013, that their would be a relaunch of the “Aliens” and “Predator” series along with a comic based on the world of “Prometheus”. Now, almost a year later, I was beyond excited when treated to an advance copy of “Prometheus: Fire and Stone” #1 this morning by the intelligent, brilliant, and all around good-looking people at Dark Horse Comics.

PromFandS0405I won’t spoil much, if anything at all, even if I really wanted to tell those people who had any qualms about “Prometheus” not being completely tied to “Aliens” that this book SATISFIES! I cannot stress enough that the story being told by Eisner Award nominated team of Paul Tobin and artist Juan Ferreyra have kicked off an exciting and new series that will not only please fans of the 2012 film by Sir Ridley Scott but also excite fans of the science fiction genre. And by page 27, the reader will be left salivating like those monstrous and horrific xenomorphs that have terrorized Sigourney Weaver. Yes, you may actually salivate acid. It’s that big of a moment and beautifully drawn (SPOILER: This may possibly be a wink to those interested in “Prometheus: Fire and Stone” and anyone that has stuck through with my rambling until the end.) This is the book for all those like me that enjoy great questions such as “are we alone in the universe?” and have wondered as we looked to the stars if maybe on some distant planet far away lived tribal warriors like the Predators or animalistic creatures that burst out of eggs like the Aliens.

I cannot wait to talk to you fine folks who visit What’cha Reading about “Prometheus: Fire and Stone” and hear your thoughts. It releases Wednesday, September 10th and needs to be placed on your pull list immediately. Royal Collectibles in Forest Hills is a great place to stop by, as they have a neat little Alien/horror/science fiction section as well.

Here’s the info from Dark Horse as well as a trailer…


When the Prometheus never returned from her fateful journey to LV-223, the questions surrounding the origins of man went unanswered. Now a new team of explorers seeks to uncover the dark mystery that holds not only the fate of theoriginal mission, but possibly their own damnation.

* Ties directly into the hit motion picture!

* First issue in a blockbuster crossover event!

From Eisner Award–nominated team of Paul Tobin and artist Juan Ferreyra (Colder)!

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Anne Bonnie! The All-Ages High-Seas Adventure!

Another great comic con purchase! I walked by the table at Asbury Park Comic Con and the cover caught my eye immediately. Female pirate walking into the camera, pistols drawn, cutlass on her hip. Why was it eye-catching? Well there’s a girl on the cover… And she’s dressed.

Annie Bonnie! The All-Ages High-Seas Adventure!

That alone was enough to give Tim Yates book a shot. Glad I did! In issue 1 “The Journey Begins” we’re introduced to a world of tall ships, vast seas, pirates, sea-monsters, and legends…

AB-P1Anne Bonnie is one of those legends, The Pirate Queen, her name is usually said in a whisper so’s not to arouse her wrath! Some say she’s 5 years dead, but others are more wary. Though the title of the book our story doesn’t have all that much to do with Annie… yet.

Our story begins with a young girl, Ariana, the ward of a very powerful very scary Lord. Her greatest wish? To be a pirate, like Anne Bonnie! She’s given a key by one of her caretakers, well a copy of a key really, that opens “something lost”. She spends the next ten years searching for that something and when she finds it, man do things get crazy!

By the end of issue one she’s has gotten her wish (sort of) and has set off on a, spit in your parents eye, going off to be a pirate, grand adventure! The life of a pirate isn’t as glorious and free as it seems (or is it?) Especially when the ship you’re on seems to have a mind of it’s own. Has she bitten off more than she can chew? We leave her in the proverbial cliff-hanger with pirate hunters close on her tail and no real clue of what to do next.

This book was total girl-power fun! Ariana is brash, sweet, and capable, exactly what you’d want in a heroine. And her innocence and naivety give you the in to enjoying the story wide-eyed. The supporting cast of characters, the scary father figure/lord of the manor, the possessed pirate hunter with a past, the animal sidekick (did I forget to mention that she inherits a phoenix?) are written and drawn perfectly, not too on type but close enough to the stereotype to be recognizable and comfortable.

My hope is that Tim doesn’t get caught up in Annie Bonnie’s story so deeply that he forgets to give us more of Ariana’s background.

I’m giving Anne Bonnie 4 out of 5 Yo! Ho! Ho’s!!!

You can find issues one and two (hopefully) at your local comic shop, or you can go to Blue Juice Comics website! Issue one, two.

I heard you, nope I didn’t mention issue two yet did I? Scroll down past the next image to get a little info on image two and when to expect three! But beware ya scurvy dogs I’ll be spoiling some of issue one by revealing what’s happening in two. So set your mind before ye scroll… (yeesh pirate talk is hard!)


Issue #2 – The crew starts to form, and a new enemy is added…

After narrowly avoiding being blown to bits by the Commodore’s two ships (the pirate hunter in issue one) with some fancy maneuvering on the ship’s (The Crimson Dawn, which Ariana “borrowed” last issue) part they arrive in Sapphire Bay, “A paradise in the desert”, where Ariana is set on spending some of the gold she’s found onboard. A frosty reception turns quite celebratory when the people see the “color of her coin” and all seems to be progressing nicely. Until that is she stumbles upon a young man, a slave, attempting to remove himself from that line of “work”.

Of course getting involved isn’t the best course of action and Ariana, Finn (the escaped slave) are now on the wrong side of a Princess (who definitely has some powers in play, magical type powers). Thought the Princess’ behavior towards Ariana and her “crew” bring some new surprises. And a new character!

This series is really fun and really well done. If you have a tween girl in your life that needs a little adventure I highly recommend Anne Bonnie.

4 out of 5 Flaming Phoenix’s Phoenixi? Phoenixes????

Issue 3? What about, oh! Issue three! That will be in comic shops October 15th! And available from Blue Juice, AND at New York Comic Con!


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Masterplasty Teaser! Image Comics Beautiful & Strange One-shot…

Masterplasty Teaser! Image Comics Beautiful & Strange One-shot...

I love when books like this are announced. I don’t know half the things out there that have a following (it’s truly impossible to even try) but when something like this surfaces you get to take a look completely out of context and try to figure out the appeal…

The work is striking and beautifully drawn, but to say that I can make heads or tails of what’s going on in these pages, well that would be a downright lie. I must admit though I can’t wait to see what this book is all about! The almost pop-art single colored backgrounds (which seriously brought Roy Lichtenstein to mind) coupled with the manga-esque figures looks really great. The last page though? With the rampant animal husbandry going on? Great art, have no idea what Harvey is driving at there..

mast02 mast03

I guess we can wait and see (the one-shot comes out 9/1) or we could always venture out onto the interwebs and look at James Harvey’s work first hand!

Here’s the full press release from Image…


The cult online comic will be in print this October

Writer and artist James Harvey’s MASTERPLASTY, the cult online sensation, will hit shelves on 10/1.

In this beautifully illustrated one-shot, a young man decides to leave his college girlfriend after undergoing a new medical procedure—a procedure that drastically modifies the physical appearance of the human body in ways both beautiful and hideous. But will changing the outside change what’s within?

After reaching cult fame and building a fanbase online, this is James Harvey’s print debut. The issue will be in oversized format, available for $5.99 to pre-order with Diamond Code AUG140555. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, 9/1.

Image Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Image has since gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. Image currently has five partners: Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino. It consists of five major houses: Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, Skybound and Image Central. Image publishes comics and graphic novels in nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable. It offers science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. For more information, visit www.imagecomics.com.

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BOOM! Studios Exciting November Solicitations!

Some first issues, including and interesting conspiracy theory series called Deep State. A few final issues of miniseries, some cool collected editions and of course issues of all your continuing favorites are coming up in November from Boom! Studios.


BOOM! Studios Exciting November Solicitations!DEEP STATE #1
Retail Price:
Author: Justin Jordan
Artist: Ariela Kristantina
Cover Artists: A: Matthew Taylor B: Artyom Trakhanov (INCENTIVE)

WHY BOOM LOVES IT: You know all those conspiracy theories you hear about? Like how the Jonestown Massacre was a failed MKULTRA experiment by the government, or how Lee Harvey Oswald was trained and brainwashed to be an assassin? Well, what if some of those were true? DEEP STATE is a dream (nightmare?) come true for conspiracy theory nuts like us here at BOOM!
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: With LUTHER STRODE, DEAD BODY ROAD, and SPREAD, Justin Jordan has become one of the eminent voices in hard-hitting, intelligent, original comics, and Ariela Kristantina (DEATH OF WOLVERINE) brings her unique, idiosyncratic style that has made her a breakout talent. If you’re even remotely interested in conspiracy theory stories from comics like Detective Comics and X-Files to films like ENEMY OF THE STATE and THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, you’ll be gripped by DEEP STATE!
WHAT IT’S ABOUT: John Harrow doesn’t exist, and his job is to make sure that other things don’t exist, too. At any given time, the government is running dozens of black book operations, experiments that aren’t on any official record and are never acknowledged to exist. Some of these are innocuous. Some of them are monstrous beyond reason. And most of the time, they go as expected and the public is never the wiser. Most of the time. John Harrow’s job is to handle them when things go wrong, and do anything to make sure the government’s secrets stay just that—secret.

dawn planetDAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES #1 (of 6)
Retail Price: $3.99
Author: Michael Moreci
Artist: Dan McDaid
Cover Artists: A: Christopher Mitten B: Jay Shaw (INCENTIVE) C: Simian Flu Design (INCENTIVE)

WHY BOOM LOVES IT: BOOM! has a long history with PLANET OF THE APES and for good reason—we love those damn dirty apes. Serving as a perfect tableau to examine society’s ills through the lens of science fiction, we were thrilled to explore those themes in the modern setting of the new films.
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Michael Moreci (CURSE, HOAX HUNTERS) and Dan McDaid (MIND THE GAP) bring the hard-bitten world of DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES to life—dealing with both classic and modern POTA questions like what the true meaning of “society” is, and if being “civilized” is even possible in a world wracked with strife. Great for fans of end-of-the-world stories like 12 MONKEYS, THE ROAD, and CHILDREN OF MEN.
WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Bridging the 10-year gap between the RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES and DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES films, fans will bear witness to the fall of humanity and the rise of Caesar’s civilization. While the apes of the world have yet to advance as a species, Caesar must find a way to unify in them to one cause. On the other side of the country, Malcom must venture into the decaying Americas with his family to find a cure for the plague slowly killing his wife, Rita. World powers will shift as civilizations collapse and rise.

bravest warriorsKABOOM!
Retail Price: $4.99
Author: James Tynion IV, Mairghread Scott, Tessa Stone, Pranas Naujokaitis, Kat Leyh
Artist: Erica Henderson, Meredith McClaren, Tessa Stone, Pranas Naujokaitis, Kat Leyh
Cover Artists: A: Tessa Stone B:  Jonathan Brandon Sawyer (INCENTIVE)

WHY BOOM LOVES IT: Ever since he made his epic debut in the Bravest Warriors cartoon, we’ve wanted to bring Beth’s beloved pet to comics and now we can in an oversized issue dedicated entirely to the Paralyzed Horse.
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Do you like quirky, left-of-center things, things that are just so unusual, you’re drawn to it? That’s pretty much Paralyzed Horse (and all of BRAVEST WARRIORS for that matter)—a horse that can’t move but has far-reaching knowledge of the present and future. Plus, we’ve assembled an amazing team of diverse creators to tell stories of a girl named Beth and her um, unusual horse, including shorts by Mairghread Scott (THE TRANSFORMERS: WINDBLADE), James Tynion IV (BATMAN: ETERNAL, THE WOODS), and BRAVEST WARRIORS vet Tessa Stone.
WHAT IT’S ABOUT: This oversized (48 pages!) one-shot features new original stories from Paralyzed Horse’s log that span all of eternity and forever, guest-starring the entire wacky cast of BRAVEST WARRIORS!

capture creatureCAPTURE CREATURES #1

Retail Price: $3.99
Author: Frank Gibson
Artist: Becky Dreistadt
Cover Artists: A: Becky Dreistadt B: Joy Ang C: Missy Pena (INCENTIVE) D: Amanda Visell (INCENTIVE)

WHY BOOM LOVES IT: Frank and Becky’s side-splitting writing and gorgeous artwork have always been a favorite of ours, especially with their original web comics like TINY KITTEN TEETH. Getting a chance to tell their original adorable creature story and seeing more of what they can do…yeah, we wouldn’t miss this.
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Becky Dreistadt (ADVENTURE TIME 2014 ANNUAL) and Frank Gibson (THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL) are two of the most clever and visually arresting creators in the business, and this one of their most ambitious projects ever. From the vivid visuals to the rad story and hilarious, heartwarming moments, you’ll love every second in this world. If you like titles like POKÉMON or DIGIMON, or just like cool things, this is definitely the comic for you.
WHAT’S IT ABOUT: In this new KaBOOM! original series, over a hundred wonderful and terrifying creatures have suddenly appeared on earth. Two teens investigate the origins of these curious creatures and how they can stop those who are trying to destroy them.




sirensGEORGE PÉREZ’S SIRENS #2 (of 6)
Retail Price: 
Author: George Pérez
Artist: George Pérez
Cover Artists: A: George Pérez Wraparound B: George Pérez Character Spotlight (INCENTIVE) C: George Pérez Pencils Connecting (INCENTIVE) D: George Pérez Pencils Connecting (INCENTIVE)
Under attack by their greatest foe, Naida, the Sirens put together a last-ditch plan to keep their team—and their ship—together! With their memories of each other and themselves still hazy, the Sirens must re-learn how to work together before Naida destroys them all.


fiction squadFICTION SQUAD #2 (of 6)
Retail Price:
Author: Paul Jenkins
Artist: Ramon Bachs
Cover Artist: Ramon Bachs

Jack, of Jack and Jill, has taken a tumble. Humpty has cracked. The Wicked Witch of the East is buried under a two-story house. Key players are being knocked off right and left and someone is trying to push the Queens of Wonderland and witches of Oz into a gang war. It is up to Frankie, with his partner Simple Simon, to solve the mystery before another death comes knocking at his doorstep.

sleepy hollowSLEEPY HOLLOW #2 (of 4)

Retail Price: $3.99
Author: Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Jorge Coelho
Cover Artists: A: Phil Noto B: Jorge Coelho (INCENTIVE)

Based on the hit Fox TV show. When Ichabod begins to toy with a puzzle box Jenny acquired at Corbin’s request, the box begins to toy with Ichabod: He grows cruder, crueler, and wilder the longer the box is within his keep. Can Abbie and Katrina solve the mystery of the puzzle box before all that is good in Ichabod is lost forever? Featuring a back-up short story written and illustrated by Noelle Stevenson (LUMBERJANES).

memeticMEMETIC #2 (of 3)
Retail Price:
Author: James Tynion IV
Artist: Eryk Donovan
Cover Artist: Eryk Donovan

The apocalypse continues in the second installment of the oversized, 48-page MEMETIC. In Day Two of this crisis, Aaron tries to escape his college campus overrun with Screamers, while Marcus and his Pentagon team attempt to track down the source of the meme and eliminate it before time runs out.


wild's end


WILD’S END #3 (of 6)
Retail Price: 
Author:  Dan Abnett
Artist: I.N.J. Culbard
Cover Artist: I.N.J. Culbard

Clive and the others can no longer deny the danger of the alien threat or the violence it’s capable of as they struggle to escape the alien targeting them and hope to survive long enough to find answers.



cloaksCLOAKS #3 (of 4)
Retail Price: 
Author: Caleb Monroe
Artist: Mariano Navarro
Cover Artist: W. Scott Forbes

Adam and the Cloaks crew rush to track down Evy before she can convince any of the potential candidates from joining her cause—willingly or not. But has Adam been put into the field too soon by his father figure Blackstone, and could he be in grave danger?



hellraiser beastiaryCLIVE BARKER’S HELLRAISER: BESTIARY #4 (of 6)
Retail Price:  
Authors: Lela Gwenn, Ben Meares, & Mark Miller
Artists: Daniele Serra & Carlos Magno
Cover Artists: A: Conor Nolan B: Daniele Serra (INCENTIVE)

The descent into darkness continues with more all-new tales of the Cenobites! First, in “Study,” Lela Gwenn and Daniele Serra follow a anthropologist who goes from observer to subject, while in the continuing story “The Hunted,” Pinhead begins his counterattack against those trying to usurp his power.


MARVELCoverTemp copy.indtHEXED #4

Retail Price: $3.99
Author: Michael Alan Nelson
Artist: Dan Mora
Cover Artist: Emma Rios

It’s a battle millennia in the making as Yves and Madame Cymbaline face off for the control of the Graeae family, with Lucifer, Raina, and Val caught in the middle. Equipped with the Binding Frame and Michaelangelo’s Torque, the Brisendine Gallery Gala turns into a worlds-spanning warzone as Lucifer makes the ultimate sacrifice.


day menDAY MEN #5
Retail Price: 
Authors: Matt Gagnon & Michael Alan Nelson
Artist: Brian Stelfreeze
Cover Artist: Brian Stelfreeze

The start of a new story arc! It has been centuries since the last “Dog Fight”—a one-on-one battle between Day Men—but Azalea’s fate now rests completely in David’s hands. That is, unless he and the rest of the Virgo family are able to uncover evidence of the Scourge’s involvement in the fang trade.


robocopROBOCOP #5
Retail Price: $3.99
Author: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Carlos Magno
Cover Artist: Goñi Montes

No win comes without its losses. Lewis’ attempt to play the system has given her elevated status among the people, but she’s lost all the trust and power within the police system. She will now forever be in Killian’s cross-hairs. RoboCop, now a lone officer, must find a way to defend the streets by a new means.


empty manTHE EMPTY MAN #6 (of 6)
Retail Price:
Author: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Vanesa R. Del Rey
Cover Artist: Vanesa R. Del Rey

Final issue! Agents Langford and Jensen finally come face-to-face with the supernatural culprits who kidnapped the Simmons children, while Sister makes a last-ditch attempt to free her brother from the clutches of the sadistic Reverend Markoff.



alsopTHOMAS ALSOP #6 (of 8)
Retail Price: $3.99
Author: Chris Miskiewicz
Artist: Palle Schmidt
Cover Artist: Palle Schmidt

A menace over 200 years old is back, and plaguing New York City’s subway system. Thomas Alsop is on the case, but just barely! The city hates him and even his friends are wondering if he’s okay. He has to fight an evil smoke monster so no, he’s not okay.



Retail Price: 
Author: Eric Powell
Artist: Brian Churilla

Jack is always one to know when he’s overstayed his welcome. Now it’s time to split. Especially after his good pal, Pete the demon, has returned to the service of his original master and tries to take Jack’s head off. Wang, Egg, and Jack narrowly escape town with the Wing Kong hot on their trail. As they bust through the honky-tonk of the American highways, the Lords of Death decide to join the hunt for Burton’s head.


the woodsTHE WOODS #7
Retail Price: 
Author: James Tynion IV
Artist: Michael Dialynas
Cover Artist: Michael Dialynas

The swarm has finally arrived, and it’s going to take the combined efforts of both the kids and the mysterious hunters to survive the onslaught. Meanwhile, we take a look at Ben on the night of the play one year ago, and his struggles to both be himself and be happy.



dead lettersDEAD LETTERS #7
Retail Price: 
Author: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Chris Visions
Cover Artist: Chris Visions

As Sam rekindles an old relationship in Here, he also attempts to move forward on his main goal of uniting the boroughs against the Saints of Nowhere, while keeping Charnel’s head away from Ma, Jones, and the other vultures circling.



Retail Price: 
Author: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Piotr Kowalksi
Cover Artists: A. Riley Rossmo B. Christopher Mitten (INCENTIVE)

The lives of the Nightbreed will always spiral down to the catacombs of Midian. Boone must confront his inner demons and relive the life that brought him to this place of darkness. Through the story of Otis and Clay’s self-betrayal he may just find the solace he needs to become Cabal.
evil empireEVIL EMPIRE #9
Retail Price: $3.99
Author: Max Bemis
Artist: Victor Santos
Cover Artist: Jay Shaw

How exactly would an Evil Empire effect pop culture? This one-shot issue of EE follows the path of a mega celebrity and gives us a glimpse into what sort of counter-culture a society so lost could create. Illustrated by special guest artist Victor Santos (BLACK MARKET).



sons of anarcnySONS OF ANARCHY #15
Retail Price:
Author: Ed Brisson
Artist: Matías Bergara
Cover Artist: Toni Infante

After leaving Opie to take the fall for arson, Kyle Hobart paid the ultimate price: excommunicated out of the club and all tattoos marking him as a former Son burned off of his body. The only thing Kyle Hobart was left with were scars and a threat: if he ever returned to Charming, the Sons will make sure he never has a chance to make the same mistake again. Kyle Hobart is about to make that mistake.


suicide riskSUICIDE RISK #19
Retail Price: $3.99
Author: Michael Carey
Artist: Elena Casagrande
Cover Artist: Stephanie Hans

Leo Winters and Requiem have managed to put aside their differences to face the oncoming threat together, but there’s a bigger enemy at play, one that seeks not only to destroy Requiem by any means necessary, but possibly, the world…





uncle grandpaUNCLE GRANDPA #2
Retail Price: 
Author: Yehudi Mercado & Various
Artist: Yehudi Mercado & Various
Cover Artists: A. Robb Mommaerts B. Evgeny Yakovlev C. Nick Edwards (INCENTIVE)

Good Morning! I wonder what Uncle Grandpa has in store for us with this issue, belly bag….wait a minute! I’m Uncle Grandpa! As your uncle and grandpa, I expect my nieces, nephews, and grandchildren to check out this brand-new issue. The coolest guy I know, Pizza Steve, will be there. And of course, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, Mr. Gus, and just maybe some more surprises. Please let it be a burrito…


steven universeSTEVEN UNIVERSE #4
Retail Price: 
Author: Jeremy Sorese
Artist: Coleman Engle
Cover Artists: A. Matt Cummings B. Josceline Fenton C. Tiffany Ford (INCENTIVE)

The Fish Stew Pizza establishment is out of a car and Steven, always eager to help, offers to give a lift with the aid of Lion, officially starting the Cub Cab Service! Pearl has some reservations, but with Steven helping so many people, what could possibly go wrong? Hint: Everything.


Retail Price: 
Author: Frank Gibson
Artist: Tyson Hesse
Cover Artists: A. Nneka Myers B. Becky Dreistadt

Gumball just wants one thing in the whole wide world—to be famous. He would make a great star! He’s got the charisma, the too-cool personality, the embarrassing family the paparazzi would love…now if only he had some talent.



bee puppycatBEE AND PUPPYCAT #7
Retail Price: 
Authors: Natasha Allegri, Garrett Jackson, & Various
Artists: Natasha Allegri & Various
Cover Artists: A. Felicia Choo B. Geneva Hodgson C. Brian Fukushima (INCENTIVE)

PuppyCat is hungry so he is going to make some pizza… or he would if Bee would stop trying to help. These two pals have to work their way around the kitchen and some unforeseen surprises before they can get some grub!



regular showREGULAR SHOW #17
Retail Price: 
Author: Nick Sumida
Artist: Allison Strejlau
Cover Artists: A: Andy Hirsch B: Zack Hazard (Subscription Cover) C: Cole Closser (INCENTIVE)

Mordecai and Rigby are so tired of Benson yelling at them. They just want a break from their ill-tempered boss, but these two park workers are about to get an education on what truly makes Benson tick.



peanutsPEANUTS #23
Retail Price:
Authors:  Charles M. Schulz & various
Artists: Charles M. Schulz & various
Cover Artist: Charles M. Schulz

Good grief! Brand-new adventures with classic Charles M. Schulz goodness for the youngest of fans all the way to the biggest of enthusiasts.  This collection of stories is truly for all ages and can be enjoyed from the top of the top of the doghouse to the dugout of the baseball field.



bravest warriorsBRAVEST WARRIORS #26
Retail Price: 
Author: Kate Leth
Artist: Ian McGinty
Cover Artists:  A: Caroline Breault B: Hannah Nieminen C: Irena Freitas (INCENTIVE)

The Bravest Warriors get a distress call to a planet with a serious giant monster problem! It’s the start of an all-new story arc from the creative team of Kate Leth (ADVENTURE TIME: SEEING RED) and Ian McGinty (ADVENTURE TIME: CANDY CAPERS).



garfieldGARFIELD #31

Retail Price: $3.99

Authors: Mark Evanier & Scott Nickel
Artists: Andy Hirsch & Nneka Myers
Cover Artist: Andy Hirsch

Pass the stuffing, cranberry sauce, and the all-new issue of GARFIELD! This month, Garfield shares some holiday cheer with the new neighborhood cats, and guest artist Nneka Myers joins us to show what happens when Nermal tries to mimic the Fat Cat and eat a massive meal before bedtime!


adventure timeADVENTURE TIME #34
Retail Price:
Author: Ryan North
Artists: Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb
Cover Artists: A: Stu Livingston B: Claudia Aguirre (Subscription Cover) C: Ru Xu (INCENTIVE)

Finn has made it to Magic Man at last! It’s time for this adventure to end and for Finn to finally get his memory back. It might seem like an easy end, but it looks like there is still one more trick up Magic Man’s sleeve.





teen dogTEEN DOG #3 (of 8)
Retail Price:
Author: Jake Lawrence
Artist: Jake Lawrence
Cover Artists: A: Jake Lawrence B: Jess Fink (INCENTIVE)

Sports. Everyone has their favorite. Teen Dog prefers to get his workout on the street skateboarding. But high school would not be what it is without football teams, cheerleaders, mascots, and the big game. Clear eyes, full hearts, Teen Dog.


lumberjanesLUMBERJANES #8
Retail Price: 
Authors: Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis
Artist: Brooke AllenCover Artists: A. Noelle Stevenson B. Natalie Andrewson (INCENTIVE)

The truth behind all the craziness that has taken over the forest has been discovered and now it’s up to the Lumberjanes to reveal the mystery before it’s too late! All questions are finally answered and the scouts learn the true importance of trust and friendship.





Retail Price: 
Author: Kate Leth
Artist: Jake Myler
Cover Artist: Jake Myler

The Fraggles’ journey has led them to the mysterious Crystal Caves where creatures of all shapes and sizes await. They’ll need to rely on one another and maybe even sing a song or two if they’re going to make it through to the Everspring!


Retail Price:
Author: Matthew Dow Smith
Artist: Matthew Dow Smith
Cover Artist: Matthew Dow Smith

Matthew Dow Smith (X-FILES, HELLBOY) tells the epic Irish folktale of “The Phantom Isle.” When a young man shipwrecks on a mysterious island ruled by a council of witches, he has the choice of freedom or staying on the isle where he does not age. The lure of immortality is hard to resist, but it comes with a price he may not be willing to pay.


butterflyBUTTERFLY #3 (of 4)
Retail Price:
Story by: Arash Amel & Marguerite Bennett
Authors: Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Antonio Fuso
Cover Artist: Phil Noto

Butterfly’s enemies have caught up to her and she’s led them and their intentions of violence to her father’s door. They will have to work together in order to keep Nightingale’s family safe…but that doesn’t mean they’ll be safe from each other.


last broadcastTHE LAST BROADCAST #7 (of 7)
Retail Price: 
Author: André Sirangelo
Artist: Gabriel Iumazark
Cover Artist: Gabriel Iumazark

Reunited with Backbone, Ivan must unlock the mysteries of Blackhall’s legacy to find the final glowbug and take down S.P.I. once and for all. But will the combined forces of Backbone and the Nonchalants be enough to stop Sir Arthur? Find out in the stunning conclusion to THE LAST BROADCAST!





protocol orphansPROTOCOL: ORPHANS TP
Retail Price: 
Author: Michael Alan Nelson
Artist: Mariano Navarro
Cover Artist: Stephane Roux

WHY BOOM LOVES IT: We love the premise: PROTOCOL: ORPHANS is an action-packed espionage series with a compelling cast of young characters struggling with their transition into adulthood. It’s like James Bond meets RUNAWAYS.
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: PROTOCOL: ORPHANS is a tense thriller perfect for fans of fun spy fiction like TV’s ALIAS or MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, with a dash of TEEN TITANS.
WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Grabbed up by the United States government and thrown into training camps, orphans around the country have been raised to become America’s next generation of super-spies. Now, as adults, they live among us, ready for “the family” to call them back into action. Collects the complete four-issue limited series.


hit 55HIT: 1955 TP
Retail Price: 
Author: Bryce Carlson
Artist: Vanesa R. Del Rey
Cover Artist: Vanesa R. Del Rey

WHY BOOM LOVES IT: You say your crime noir story is based on a group of hard-boiled policemen during 1950s Los Angeles that did a little wetwork under the table, ridding the city of its scummiest residents one lowlife at a time? And it features the art debut of Russ Manning Award for Most Promising Newcomer nominee Vanesa R. Del Rey? Oh, we’re so there.
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Noir crime fiction is a part of Americana, from the writing of James Ellroy and Raymond Chandler to the films of Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock. HIT joins titles like TORSO, CRIMNAL, and GOTHAM CENTRAL as a grand contribution to crime noir comics.
WHAT IT’S ABOUT: They say the eyes are the window to the soul. You look at Harvey Slater and you’ll see a homicide detective chasing cigarettes with a few fingers of bourbon. You look into his eyes, and you’ll see a hitman who spends his nights making “untouchable” criminals disappear for the Los Angeles Police Department. But all it takes is a blonde bombshell from his past and a crime syndicate trying to muscle in while Mickey Cohen’s in prison to open Slater’s eyes to who he really is. Collects the complete four-issue limited series, features the never-before-seen short story, “Bonnie,” and includes an introduction by author Duane Swierczynski.




Retail Price: 
Author: Kate Leth
Artist: Zachary Sterling
Cover Artist: Stephanie Gonzaga

WHY BOOM LOVES ITWe obviously love the Adventure Time show, and we pour our hearts into the comics. These original graphic novels are extra special because we just love being able to tell a longer story. Plus, we are such huge fans of Kate Leth and Zachary Sterling, who worked on the last AT OGN, so we had to ask them to do a follow-up!
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Our ADVENTURE TIME original graphic novels are long-form stories that play out like an episode of the animated series. It’s a self-contained story, done in one, and all the fun, plus now it’s in full color. Great if you like our PEANUTS original graphic novels, or fun, all-ages OGNs like MONSTER ON THE HILL and MAX STEEL.
WHAT IT’S ABOUT: It’s that lovely time of year where Princess Bubblegum gets to leave the Candy Kingdom and venture out into the outer limits of Ooo. But when her annual quest to visit old friends takes a dark and unexpected turn, it’s up to PB and Peppermint Butler to keep the peace by using the true power of friendship. Written by New York Times bestselling author Kate Leth (ADVENTURE TIME: SEEING RED), and illustrated by New York Times bestselling artist Zachary Sterling (ADVENTURE TIME), BITTER SWEETS is a deliciously twisted adventure with a surprising aftertaste.

Retail Price:
Author: Mad Rupert
Artist: Mad Rupert
Cover Artist: Mad Rupert

WHY BOOM LOVES IT: Have you seen Skips? He’s a blue jean-wearing, combover-sporting, white-fur-covered yeti. What’s not to love? Okay, so he also stars in our favorite bro-time cartoon, REGULAR SHOW, with those zany mischiefs Mordecai and Rigby, and he just begged to be in the spotlight for once, so here’s his chance.
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: If you’ve ever watched a TV show and wanted to know more about one of the supporting characters, you’ll like REGULAR SHOW: SKIPS. Skips is one of the least vocal characters on the show, so you’ll appreciate he’s the main dude for once, because it’s usually the quiet ones you have to watch out for!
WHAT IT’S ABOUT: In an effort to lift morale at the Park, Pops sends Skips, Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson on a vacation of Skips’ choosing, which takes them to…another park? Skips just wants a peaceful few days with nature but this vacation has other plans. Trapped in a day that will never end, Skips must rely on the help of a new friend to stop the park from exploding and hopefully save the world in the process. Written and illustrated by the crazy talented Mad Rupert (SAKANA), this is a REGULAR SHOW adventure you’ll never want to end!



Retail Price: 
Author: David Petersen
Artist: David Petersen
Cover Artist: David Petersen
WHY BOOM LOVES IT: Whether you’re of claw, wing, or scale, fairy tales and fables never cease to warm our hearts and fill our imaginations. Every year, we look forward to Archaia’s Free Comic Book Day MOUSE GUARD short story by Eisner Award-winning creator David Petersen. Now, four of the stunningly illustrated fables are collected for the first time, alongside two brand-new MOUSE GUARD tales in a beautiful 8” x 8” hardcover.
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: If you like fantasy stories that not only feature action and adventure, but also a lot of heart, you’ll instantly love MOUSE GUARD. Fans of J.K. Rowling’s THE TALES OF BEEDLE THE BARD, THE STUFF OF LEGEND, or classics like WIND IN THE WILLOWS will love this collection of tales meant to be read again and again.
WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Every hero was once a child, listening to stories of the heroes who came before them. It is the same with the Mouse Guard. Six mouse fables are spun to a few familiar youngfurs, reminding us all to be brave, stay true to ourselves, and follow our hearts. Brand-new stories include “Service to Seyan,” set in the land where Mouse warriors travel after death, and “Oh Day Away,” a tale of the insect faeries of the Mouse world!
villages full of crazed warriors, and down dark tunnels walled with madness itself.

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